1. H

    Service history info on SLK 350 serires 171

    My newly acquired SLK has a MB service history. First registered 10/2004. Current mileage is 65,000 and the last stamp is 10/2014, mileage 61,459. The dealer I bought it from a month ago gave the car a short service before the delivery and did not stamp the book as I was advised to maintain the...
  2. T

    Intermittent SLK 171 ignition problem

    Hi all & thanks for such a great informative site. This is my first post but I hope to be able to contribute more over time. My o/h has owned a 2008 R171 SLK280 from new. when it was about 3 months old it developed a problem where the smart key would remotely unlock the doors but when...
  3. B

    SLK 208 Service Reset (171)

    I have just purchased a SLK280 (171 model) & have given it a full service...I have looked on you tube etc & the methods they show to reset the service indicator don't work..any ideas? Many thanks
  4. zenman63

    slk 171 auto folding mirrors

    Anyone enabled auto folding mirrors on a 2007 slk? I have swapped the mirrors and the switch and they fold ok but cannot find with Star how to get the auto fold menu up in the cluster. It has the memory pack and in all 3 positions i have enabled folding, its just the cluster missing?
  5. zenman63

    SLK 171 N/S left headlight

    I have for sale a good SLK 171 headlight, NOT xenon but does look like it. I also have a xenon projector and ballast etc to convert it. £120 the lot.
  6. A

    Comand fault on slk 171

    COMAND FAULT ON A 171 SLK. this fault started after the battery was reconnected from being charged, it intermittently cuts out and the sat nav says im off road and cant find any destination, I would be very grateful for any help or suggestions
  7. C

    How do I change dipped beam bulb on SLK 171 model?

    I've ordered some better dipped beam bulbs on the advice of some forum members for my recently acquired 60 plate SLK - whilst the manual seems to show clearly how to change the bulb, it gives no real clue how on earth you get to the back of the headlight! Sorry don't have a picture to hand...
  8. C

    SLK 171 Air-Con smell

    Recently purchase a 171 SLK 200K for my wife and she loves the car, unfortunately there has been a horrible smell from the air-con / heater system. This was not present when we bought the car. I have used an air con cleaner aerosol from Halfords which reduced the smell by about 80% and I will...
  9. B

    2005 slk 350 171 srs warning light

    Hi All, I recently bought a 2005 slk350 and the SRS light comes on the dash when the ignition is switched on, but once the car is started it goes off can someone please tell me if this in normal or is there a fault :confused: thanks in advance
  10. D

    R172 grill on a 171?

    Just wondering if there were any conversions on the market yet to make the old SLK look a little more like the very pretty new frontage?
  11. A

    8pm C5 or Channel 171 in HD Ice Road Truckers : Deadliest Roads

    Hello Watched this last week and thought it was great On now 8pm
  12. gIzzE

    Mercedes MP3 CD changer E Class W211 CLS W219 SLK 171

    As the title says really, MP3 changer for sale. Mercedes MP3 CD changer E Class W211 CLS W219 SLK 171 on eBay (end time 24-Oct-10 14:26:32 BST) £110 delivered to forum members if done outside of ebay. :thumb:
  13. P

    171 retrofit parktronic saga - update!

    You may have seen various references to the dodgy aftermarket parktronic retrofit that was put into my partners new SLK, when the deal was supposed to be as per factory install. Well, I met with the General Manager of the dealership group last Friday, and he explained how expensive it would...
  14. NW_Merc

    SLK AMG 171 bodykit

  15. S

    Command (slk 171)

    I understand that a new nav disc (v8) is now available. Can anyone tell me what has been updated, is it solely mapping? Also, can I go straight from V6 to V8 without experiencing any software problems? Thanks in advance
  16. M

    SLK 171 Transparent Wind Draught Stop

    Does anyone have a Transparent wind deflector for the current shape SLK That they dont need and would be willing to sell Look forward to hearing
  17. S

    SLK 171 Xenon retrofit - what's needed?

    Dear all, My fiancee and I have just purchased an '05 SLK 350 to replace our beloved R170 SLK 320. It has every option bar bi-xenon lights. We got the car at a good price, budgeting for fitting genuine MB replacements. Aside from a STAR update, are these lights plug & play - i.e. is the...
  18. B

    slk 171 boot lip spoiler

    Hi all, I am on the look out for a boot spoiler for a 2005 slk 171 have any of you guys fitted a after market spoiler if you have what make was it? and was it good quality? I have had a price from my maindealer and was quoted £320 :eek: thats silly money for a metre long bit of plastic.
  19. chrisslk

    SLK 200 171 Check Engine Light

    Living in Gloucester has meant we have seen alot of rain recently and as such saw me being stuck in work for a 24 hour period. When i got into the car the following morning, she started fine but ran very rough (as though misfiring or missing one cylinder?). Thinking perhaps some water had got...
  20. L

    Changing the digital speedometer from Kph to Mph in an SLK (171)

    Hi All, Just wondering how I change the digital speedometer in the headup display from Kph to Mph in an SLK 171 . Thanks
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