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    SLK 172 230 AMG Caliper Cover Plates

    Hi Guys I changed the MRs front brake pads at the weekend and on both sides one pin snapped off on the black caliper plate cover. Can we buy these as Merc said you have to buy the whole caliper>? If not Ill make some.
  2. B

    172 boot separator

    Boot separator for 171/172 as new condition no marks on it. Please message for pictures £80 collected can arrange for courier at extra expense 07766330630 thanks for looking
  3. S

    Slk 172 rain sensing wipers

    Hi does anyone know if you can retrofit rain sensing wipers to a 2014 slk. I have a correct rain/light sensor to replace the light only sensor but need to know if it can be coded/ programmed to the car. Thank You
  4. R

    SLK55 172 Diff Ratio

    I'm considering fitting a Quaife ATB limited slip diff to my SLK and also lowering the final drive to improve acceleration. I believe the standard diff ratio is 2.8 and a change to 3.1 would be beneficial (to acceleration if not cruising!) Quaife cannot supply a new crown wheel and pinion...
  5. ray d

    New 172 do they use a lot of oil

    Hi all, I have got a new 55 and I have hat to top it up with oil. The first time I toped it up I thought it had been missed in the garage. Cant remember how much I put into it (possibly 1/2 a litre). that was at 500 miles. Checked today again and needed to put in about 1/4 litre now 580 miles...
  6. S

    2003 Renault Clio 172

    Would make a great track day car! Blue Renault Clio 172 for sale. Only 2 owners from new! 1st was Renault dealer, 2nd had the car from basically new until I bought it not too long ago. Been very reliable, quick little car. 33 mpg on short journey to work, nearly 40 mpg on a longer run. Only...
  7. M

    172 Slk Centre Console hindge snap?

    Hi Guys, Lifted up my centre armrest/glove compartment to hear a snapping noise, it still raises and shuts but comes down at a different angle and wont open fully. Will this be covered as the car is still within a year of being new or will I have to get a new arm? help/cost/advise would be...
  8. M

    172 SLK Wheel Refurb anyone??

    Hi guys, Did have a quick look for any posts but couldn't find anything really. Looking to get one of my alloys refurbed as it has a small graze on the lip, been told they are diamond cut so would need sending away? Anyone have recommendations & cost? regards
  9. M

    Slk 172 Rear Bumper Popped out Help needed

    Hi All, Unfortunately i am on this forum because today i reversed my slk 172 into a two foot post... Big crunch, luckily no cracks i can see from the outside. The damage: Rear right side has popped out and has left a gap between the bodywork and light, have paint missing as well which can...
  10. andy_cyp

    172 mph

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6504240414856394945&q=c32 on a private road..........:)
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