1. S

    e class amg's 17inch for sale

    7.5x17 inch alloys for sale, 4 of with tyres, 2 of the tyres are okay, but other two could do with replacing. pm me for contact number
  2. J

    finally got some 17inch monos :)

    well after always having 18inch amgs all round i was never 100% happy with the fact the fronts rubbed so slightly sometimes and stuck out slightly which i didnt like. these were all ET31 8 inch, soooooo after much deliberation today i went and picked up a set i bought for £400. ( original C43...
  3. G

    How much slower will my car be with 17inch monoblocks?

    Hey guys, so some of you may remember me thinking about upgrading to some 17inch AMG wheels. When it comes down to it, I care more about acceleration performance than looks, even though some monoblocks would look amazing on the car and increase its handling capabilities. Would acceleration...
  4. L

    w210 16inch wheels to 17inch wheels ok?

    Hi again, Firstly a Big thanks to everyone on this forum - it's invaluable:thumb: Question please: I've got a chance to get a set of 17inch wheels & tyres at a fair price which I was thinking of getting as a spare set for my W210 e320 elegance estate, which currently has the origional...
  5. M

    210 command unit and 17inch amg style alloy wheels

    The command unit is used condition,came from my 2001 e320cdi may fit in others. Mercedes benz E class 210 command unit sat nav gps navigation cd head unit navi | eBay I also have a set of amg style 17 inch alloy wheels,they have nearly new event tyres 225 45 17.Like these ones... Redirect Notice
  6. M

    5x112 17-Inch Lorinser Turbos

    Advertising on behalf of a colleague. He says: '4 Lorinser Turbine wheels, one with slight kerb rash. Could do with a bit of a clean/polish but otherwise good. Fitted with 4 Vredestein 235/45 17s, all have reasonable tread. PCD is 5x112 (Mercedes) but they've been on my VW T25. Very good...
  7. dervdoc

    E class 17inch alloys ready for paint £60

    ready for paint, £60, collection from Co.Armagh N.Ireland or can arrange courier
  8. ckember

    adharaz 17inch staggered wheels

    I have a spare set of 17inch staggered adharz wheels for sale, they are in pretty good condition with some slight marks. there are no Tyres, These are the wheels on the sport editions of the W203. £250 for the set I can delivery within a a few miles of Home I will PM a zip file of...
  9. K

    17inch AMG II alloys, for sale? anybody?

    Hiya, quick post, not sure if this is the correct place for this:confused: Does anybody know of anybody with a set of original AMG II alloys for sale? They're to fit my C36, 7.5j fronts and 8.5j rears? Cheers, Kris.
  10. Howard

    w124 17inch wheel offset....

    I'm sure this question has been asked a hundred times before, but having searched for it i can't find a definative answer...... What is the correct offset for a 17inch wheel for a 1991 w124 230CE ? I only ask as i may have a pair coming soon :rolleyes: :D and want to make sure they are...
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