1. D

    AMG Monoblocks 17s and 18s for Sale

    two sets of my wheels for sale: 4 x 18" AMG Monoblock Genuine non-staggered 8" wheels & tyres 5x112 225/40/18 | eBay 17" Mercedes C43 AMG Staggered Wheels 5x112 | eBay Looking for 19 monoblocks for my W140
  2. B

    Tyre pressures for W124 on 17s

    Hi all, I've searched but cannot find a definitive answer. I'm not really sure how this works. I've put W210 Mekhab 7.5x17 inch alloys on my W124, with 225/45x17tyres. And they look sensational. :-) Should I inflate these to the same pressures as indicated on the petrol flap (34 front /...
  3. T

    Cheap set of brand new genuine 17s

    Had my eye on these for a while on ebay, but have other priorities at the moment. Genuine Mercedes 17s brand new in boxes. they've been unsold twice for £150 and now they are down to £120. not the most exciting but cheap enough as spares.
  4. d w124

    OZ Futura 17s split rims

    Got a staggered set of these with 8.5j front and 10j rear They`re meant for 500e and r129 sl`s but they might also work on w202 w210 or w208 They`re with tyres and I`m looking for 750,collection from SE London
  5. S

    C Class W203 wheels - go back to 17s?

    So at the moment I have a set of AMG III 18s on my C Class. The rear tyres need changing and I am tempted to go back to 17s. Partly this is due to doing lots of miles and 17" tyres are a little cheaper, but also because the current wheels are not staggered (and need a refurb!) and the...
  6. d w124

    8 hole 17s

    Don`t know if the add is wrong MERCEDES 17" WHEEL..NO RESERVE on eBay (end time 10-Dec-09 19:01:28 GMT) but if not does anyone where i can get a set :)
  7. Iyse

    17s and 18s

    I just called sales up and he said that 225/45/18 tyres would fit a 98 W202. I was also told that 225/45/17 tyres would fit. I may be going crazy, but surely if 17s fit on a certain tyre, the 18s wouldn't fit the same tyre (with a different rim size ofcourse)... Please help. :(
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