18 or 19

  1. J

    Wanted: Brabus mono vi reps 18/19

    BRABUS Mono Replicas, more popular on the CLK it seems, 18/19 considered, ET35. Thanks
  2. J

    R170 18" / 19"

    I am considering fitting 18 or 19" to the R170, but wondered what the ride is like with 19s? I would like to retain a relatively comfortable ride. Anyone fit 19s! How much harsher are they? Thanks Jet
  3. andy27168

    WANTED 18" or 19" AMG Alloys for CLS 55

    Hi, Looking for a set of wheels 18" or 19" preferably gen MB AMG, must be a staggered set preferably with tyres. Anything considered, condition not to much of an issue as I have a credit for a full refurb with my local refurbishers. What have you got?
  4. Alex

    18" or 19" AMG Wheels for W215/W220

    Looking for a set of either 18" or 19" AMG wheels for CL/S-Class, 215/220 chassis. Will consider partial sets as well, if the price is right. Not fussed about cosmetic condition, so long there are no cracks, welds or significant damage to the wheels. 18": 19":
  5. A

    18" or 19" - Ride quality?

    So............ Thought I'd decided but ..... I'm tempted to go for 19" rather than 18" wheels. E320 Advantgarde estate. Ride will be better on which?? I can see that you get more sidewall on an 18" compared to a 19" but is it very noticeable? Was looking at a BMW with 19" last night...
  6. V

    18" or 19" rims for a R129 SL wanted

    Hi I'm looking for a set of rims for a R129 SL. Ideally a set of staggered 18", ie rear rims being wider than the fronts. Happy to consider all makes and happy to consider AMG replicas. Also happy to consider rims that need a refurb, but do not want buckled or badly kurbed/distorted...
  7. un1l

    18"/19" Alloys - with/without tyres!

    Guys, I am in the need of some wheels on my CLK (W208). It currently has the 17" AMG ones, but having had 18" monoblocks on my old car, i feel the 17s are just too small. If anyone has any wheels that they think could be of interest - please email pics to unilpatel@hotmail.com or call me...
  8. beaRS

    18" or 19"

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum. I've just picked up a W208 CLK55 AMG which I'm lovin'. Question is; do I fit a set of 18" or 19" alloys. I like the look of 19" wheels with 235/35 tyres on the front and 265/30 on the back. but I don't want to kill the ride quality. Has anyone fitted 19"...
  9. yellowsatan

    18" or 19" alloys wanted

    don't mind which shape wheels they are, just as long as they fit my clk w208.
  10. G

    17" / 18" / 19" Alloys on an E Class

    I am about to order a new E320cdi Avantgarde estate and unfortunately can't run to a larger set of alloys than the standard 16" wheels straight away. If I do want to upgrade at a later date will the suspension need uprating too do you think to cope? Who has a good selection of AMG / Brabus /...
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