1. J

    Servicing my W203 180k 2005 C Class Mercedes

    I serviced my W203 service a petrol C180k 2005 I am a rookie – please use all my advice with that in mind! Please post any corrections Spark plugs 4x Bosch FR6MPP332 Lift off the engine cover, some folk advocate a warm engine to prevent the hard plastic engine cover breaking...
  2. P

    2004 180k Mass airflow

    Is it ok to just remove the sensor by disconnecting cable, and removing two hex screws to clean, rather than taking the complete body unit out to?
  3. C

    180K engine and manual transmission together

    not sure if this is the correct place but here goes--does anyone know (even down to a good guess) what the weight is of this unit--Haynes says make sure you have a strong enough lift mechanism but fails to give any clue as to what it is-- I need a figure rather than "any engine crane" cheers
  4. D

    C 180K Coupe - Rear Badge

    Hi all been looking around on this site for ages decided to join for once. I have a quick question. Some fool tried to take my rear badge and it was left broken. I now have three holes and showing. Does anyone have the part no for a replacement badge ? I've cut a round circle in some...
  5. M

    Merc C 180k 2007 OBC

    Is there a hidden menu or something where I can see the momentary fuel consumption? It only says the avarage :wallbash:
  6. D

    CLC 180K Remap

    Hey everyone, I am thinking to remap my CLC 180 komp and I was wondering would it be worth it and if so what gains should I expect to see in BHP? Thanks in-advance!
  7. D

    Remapping CLC 180K

    Hey everyone, I am thinking to remap my CLC 180 komp and I was wondering would it be worth it and if so what gains should I expect to see in BHP? Thanks in-advance!
  8. K

    wheels for my W204 2008 180K

    Hi I am needing some guidance re suitable wheels for my car. I'm sorry but being dense the stickie guide baffled me lol I am looking at some 18" amg designated A207 18 inch wheels from I believe a 2 yr old E class coupe (ET 45) to replace the standard 16" wheels on my elegance. Will they fit...
  9. T

    Mercedes 180K Coupe Panoramic Sunroof

    Has anyone changed one of these panoramic sunroofs, is there a huge amount of work involved? Any advices appreciated..
  10. D

    C 180K blower issues

    Hello all, I'm new on here, I've had my merc for about 1 month, and as the cooler weather is coming I'm in need of some efficient de misting, however the front demist button seems to work then almost sounds like a suction noise and nothing comes from the front vents....... And makes a clicking...
  11. 2

    How to change oil 180k coupe sport?

    Hi all, Recently purchaced a 2005 coupe sport 180k and it could do with a service. I'm looking to do this myself and just needed a little guide of how to change the oil? i've done most of my previous cars so hoping this will be straight forward. I'm sure this has been covered before but the...
  12. 2

    180k Coupe Sport not revving past 5k revs in Park

    Hi all, I purchased a 2005 180k coupe sport yesterday. I have noticed that when the car is in Park, the car does not revv past 5k revvs. But when driving it does revv all the way to red as normal. Is this normal behaviour? thanks.
  13. astamir

    W203 180k 55plate

    Hi guys Here I have a w203 coupe 180 kompressor on 55 plate mot and tax 89000 miles previously cat D for a small back damage to rear bumper and a small dent on a boot replaced the bumper and the boot for the second hand ones in the same black colour
  14. S

    1st Merc 2008 (58) CLC 180K Sport

    Hey people new to this site! My name is Antony Just put a deposit on a 2008 CLC 180 K Sport and can wait to pick her up in a few days. She has a Auto box (with paddle shift) bluetooth, parking aid, leather seats, cruise control, 18inch alloys :rock:.. should make a comfy change compared...
  15. Z

    WANTED - Alloys for 180K coupe (2005) for winter

    I have just got a 180k coupe and need so alloys for the winter months in Lake District - would prefer 16" to keep cost of tires down but will be happy with 17" Zach
  16. T

    180K Sports Coupe rear cycle carrier

    Hi, I have just purchased a three cycle carrier, on fitting I noticed out of the six restraining straps the top two that clip onto the of the hatch/roof which is glass, is this strong enough, anyone else use one? tia.
  17. lynall

    W124 E320 7 seater 180k

    Here 1994 MERCEDES E320 AUTO BLACK - NO RESERVE on eBay (end time 01-Aug-09 23:36:42 BST) Looks quite a nice car be interesting to see what it goes for? Lynall
  18. T

    Towbar for 180K Sports Coupe

    Anyone know where to buy a tow bar for a 2006 180K Sports Coupe , preferably detachable? tia
  19. M

    Where are the oil, and air filters and plugs on my w203 180k

    Hi Can someone tell me where the oil, fuel and air filteras are on my w230 180k, along with the spark plugs. I have had a look around, and they seem to be well hidden! I am being cynical, but my car needs a service soon, and I want to be able to check that these items are changed...
  20. Chris Akabusi

    My Mercedes CLC 180K Sport - Intial thoughts...

    My Mercedes CLC 180k Sport – 1000 mile review Well I’ve had my new CLC for just under a month now and thought I’d give it 1000 miles before really making any initial judgments. I’ve now clocked up the said mileage and thought I’d do a brief summary of my thoughts. I’m pleased to say...
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