1. C

    Mercedes 18inch wheels

    18 inch wheels and tyres genuine merc wheels. All tyres about 4mm. These were used as my 2nd set of spare wheels and are in near mint condition. I dont know how to upload pics but can email or whats app. Collection from halifax yorkshire. £350.
  2. horgantrevor

    Wanted 18inch monoblocks staggered

    Hi guys I'm looking for a set of 18 inch staggered alloys mono blocks Cash waiting Thx
  3. A

    18inch cls wheels will they fit s211??

    hi guys, i found a local guy a set of 18inch cls wheels the same ones as this link 18" Mercedes 5 spoke wheels in Titanium Silver - Alloy Wheels Direct (50229) Question is will they fit my s211? I currently have 16inch rucha wheels. I beleive they will ... but not sure about the bolts... will...
  4. J

    18inch Wheels on W124s

    Hi All, I am currently running my W124 CE300 Convertible on ET31 18inch AMG Monoblock wheels (235/40R18) which are rubbing on the outside edge for all 4 wheels. Would ideally like to keep the car on 18inch wheels if possible primarily for the looks. I am I correct to assume that ET31 is...
  5. C

    Wheel Refurb AMG 18inch

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good Wheel Refurb / Repair company in either the Dundee area or Teeside area? Just kerbed one of my front wheels avoiding a delivery van! I believe the 18 inch AMG wheels on the E Class sport model require diamond cut repair? Damage is only on the rim edge...
  6. S

    Wanted: W639 Black 18inch alloys

    Looking for some 18 inch black alloys with tyres, with reasonable tread. Don't do many miles so don't need to be 8mm. Thanks, Adam
  7. M

    18inch amg wheel

    Hi everyone I have an a class amg sporty with the night package run flat tyres. I was thinking of removing the wheels to give then a clean on the inside and clean the brake callipers but I have discovered there is no jack in the car. Is anyone aware of the correct jack to enable me to remove...
  8. K

    18inch Cades staggered alloy wheels

    I Have a set of cades tyrus alloy wheels and tyres that were fitted to my 2006 CL203 they are 18inch staggered width, deep dish with kuhmo ecsta tyres with plenty of tread left, I paid £1200 for them also have an extra £100 in hub centric spacers they have a couple kerbing marks but other than...
  9. K

    18inch Sports wheels for C180 w204

    hi okay I hope I am doing this correctly! I have been offered 4 5 spoke amg mercedes wheels part number A203 401 55 02and 56 02.. but... does the A203 Designation mean thy are intended for a W203 year C class and not my W204 2008 c180 Kompressor any advice for this newbie would be greatly...
  10. B

    Wanted C class W204 18inch alloys/tyres

    Hi looking for some original AMG / Merc 18 inch alloy wheels for my 2009 C250 Sport with or without tyres, cash waiting or may exchange plus cash for my current 17 inch sport wheels VGC with 6.5mm continental tyres
  11. F

    18inch amg alloys for w212

    hi looking for a set of 18inch alloys for my e class. would prefer the amg style ones if anyones got a set for sale thanks
  12. N

    18inch AMG wheels for E55

    ANyone have a set of genuine 18 inch alloy wheels for an E55? AMG ones seem about as rare as rocking horse stuff.
  13. K

    18inch Alloys What Is Going To Happen?

    Hi All, My tyres arrived today whilst I was at work. Now have: 2 x 255/35/18 FALKEN 452 2 x 225/40/18 FALKEN 452 4 x AMG II 18inch Alloys :) I will be getting these put on tommorow fingers crossed and now am starting to get a little jittery as the wheels and tyres look massive. Will...
  14. scooter

    18inch space saver

    I have 18 inch wheels on my car and i was looking for a 18 inch spacesaver/doughnut just incase of a punture as everybody knows a 18 inch alloy won't fit in the spare wheel compartment quick question would a 18 inch space saver fit in the spare wheel compartment and where could i get one from...
  15. M

    Will these Rims 18inch fit c220 Esprit

    Hi, Ive got a C220 (w202) Esprit 1994 model, and like an idiot i went and bought 18inch rims without checking if they would fit, and took the guys word for it. so the rims are: 18 inch 7.5j and ET is 45(offset) with 225x40 tyres front and rear (i havent bought the tyres yet) from what...
  16. M

    For Sale - 18inch Brabus Alloys

    For Sale - 18inch Brabus Alloys for W140 4 x Monoblock IVs 18inch ET35 offset with W140 S Class Brabus Wheel Adaptors and Brabus Bolts... No Tyres ... Good condition .... If interested email me at mbzslk230k@aol.com to discuss ... pics of wheel can be seen on my webpage
  17. M

    sl55 amg 18inch wheels on ebay

    i have a 2000 model clk fitted with 17inch amg wheels would these 18inch sl55 amg wheels and tyres fit
  18. M

    18inch W140 CL Alloys For Sale

    I have six of these genuine MB W140 CL style alloys for sale WITHOUT TYRES... Four are currently on my S500... Reason for selling - I fancy some Brabus kit on them ! I will consider any reasonable offers for them - please email me on [email protected] I have pics if anyone is interested...
  19. R

    AMG 18inch Alloys on Ebay.

    Oh by the way they aren t mine would like them though. ebay Cheers Ian
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