1. abecketts

    500SEC for £19,000

    Seems a tad on the high side Mercedes Benz 500 SEC AMG V8 | eBay
  2. J

    1999 230SLK for £19,995

    I'm not sure how you'd value it...........I know I wouldn't pay it. What do you think? Used MERCEDES SLK 230 KOMPRESSOR CONVERTIBLE AUTO, ALUMINIUM/SILVER, 2.3, Convertible | Phillip Welch Regards all John
  3. ringway

    Mercedes Vito BRABUS. £19,995 or Offers.

    "MERCEDES VITO BRABUS - One of a Kind Imported Brabus Kit many extras-Brabus Full Body Kit...” LINK. Very nice. I'm not sure I like the rear entertainment system though. That's a large screen. Super van though. :cool:
  4. A

    £19 HP all in one wireless printer

    HP Printers - HP Officejet Wireless 4500 All-in-One Taken off hot deals website Seems its open to everyone no just HP staff
  5. W

    Oil: 229.51 5L for £19 + P&P

    Neo Brothers Saab Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5W-30 93165212 Having just bought a Saab I was pleased to see that the Saab (GM) oil also meets VAG specification 505.01 suitable for my A2 and costs only £19 for 5L. This oil also meets 229.51. Postage is £9 though. But if you buy 10L it works out...
  6. SilverSaloon

    Selling my car - £19,995 ONO or £18,999 NO OFFERS?

    Hi i am selling my car as i've mentioned before. I've got it priced at £19,995 but open to offers and if someone was ready to drive it away i would accept £19,000 as my lowest. So, should I put the price as: £19,995 ONO (as it is advertised now) or £18,999 NO OFFERS Not...
  7. High-Lo

    SL55 AMG for £19,500?

    I'm seeing a lot more of these eBay auctions lately. 2002 SL55 AMG for buy now price of £19,500 or a start price at £2,300. 5 hours to go. Only problem is its restricted to pre-approved bidders. If you contact the seller to get on his approved bidders list you will not get a reply. What...
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