1. P

    want to buy 190d

    hello i want to buy a mercedes 190d 2.0d 4 speed manual or 2.5d 5 speed manual .i need your help for my choice.i want economy over speed,but is 4 speed manual a godd choice ?btw its my first car
  2. T

    Mercedes 190d 2.5 Diesel Automatic W201 - Very nice example - PX / Swap CDi

    Hi all, This was advertised previously but this is an new advert with updated details, photos and new price :) 2.5 Diesel Automatic 125,000 Miles with a good service history including 13 dealer and garage stamps aswell as various maintains receipts. Finished in classic MB silver with a...
  3. T

    Mercedes 190d 2.5 Diesel Auto W201 118k

    2.5 Diesel Automatic 118,000 Miles with a good service history including 13 dealer and garage stamps aswell as various maintains receipts. Finished in classic MB silver with a grey interior MOT - 15 June 2016 Factory fitted electric rear windows Factory fitted period Blaupunkt radio...
  4. PeterE320Cdi

    300K Miles 190D - At Auction

    Westbury Car Auctions
  5. Marvin16x

    My 190 in New Zealand

    Hey folks, haven't even been on the other side of the world for two weeks but already got myself a sweet 190 yesterday. :) I just can't live without an old Benz ... So what can I say ... it's a 1990 190D 2.0 with only 150,000 km on the clock. Engine bay and interior look like new. The...
  6. K

    190d 2.5 injector pump WANTED

    Hello I need urgently a 190d 2.5 diesel bosch injector pump. Cant seem to find one anywhere. Does anyone know of any. Tom
  7. Palfrem

    190d ponton

  8. 300CE

    1990 mercedes 190d turbo diesel intercooled td auto, rare

  9. B

    190D 2.5 Starter Motor

    I might need a starter motor for my 1993 2.5 190D, can anyone confirm if the four cylinder 2.0 and five cylinder 2.5 190 Diesel's use the same starter motor?
  10. D

    190D with body kit

    Mercedes 190D 2.5 Diesel | eBay What a lovely car, manual too! Best colour combination in my opinion, but can what he says be true, I've never seen a diesel with a factory fitted kit before, and the wheels don't look quite right (offset - look like W124 wheels) , or is that me?
  11. A

    190D Estate

    Something different: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Andy
  12. T

    Damn I wish i'd seen this sooner - 190D

    Mercedes Benz 190D spares or repairs | eBay Tried to buy this a couple of years ago and it popped into my head last night so I searched Google and found that it had just sold. I ran this for a few weeks when it was new and I sold MB's. Was a cancelled export order that my dealership group...
  13. trapperjohn

    190D. Not so much spotted as put on there myself.

    My lads 190 for sale. Mates rates of course to forum members. 1993 MERCEDES 190D DIESEL RED on eBay (end time 13-Apr-11 18:02:01 BST)
  14. J

    help!! 190D wont start

    Looking for some advice folks. My 190D wont start. It turns over great, new battery in the last few weeks. New glowplugs and the light comes on for 10s and goes out as it should. Drove 150miles last night towing a trailer and it never overheat the whole way down, started fine when I stopped...
  15. S

    190D w201 Biodiesel

    Hi anybody got any experiance running one of these on beautifull bio. I assume that its simply fill her up, and keep a spare fuel filter lying about? Thanks Matt
  16. S

    Heater Question 190D Car on the Bay

    Hi Thought about looking at this today, not exactly what I want, but could be a short term solution to my Mercedes need. 1992 MERCEDES 190D DIESEL WHITE on eBay (end time 31-Jan-11 20:03:50 GMT) Question, anybody any idea, how much of a job its' likely to be to get that heater working. Is...
  17. J

    190D 2.0 fuel leak

    Hello folks, well my 190D failed its mot the other day on a couple of rust spots and a fuel leak in the engine compartment according to the mot man. He never specified what was at fault but I had a look tonight and I can see its leaking down the passenger side of the engine block and dripping...
  18. C

    Mercedes 190d W124

    Looking for a half decent Diesel W124.
  19. Tiff

    W124 200E and 190D 2.0

    Due to circumstances both my old Mercs are for sale-its getting costly with 2 road taxes,2 insurances etc and fuel- so they have to go :( Hopefully next year when we get sorted out I can get a nice 300CE or something as a weekend car ;) 1991 190D manual. Mot'd until about March or April...
  20. S

    wanted merc 190d

    hi there does any one know of a mercedes 2.0 litre diesel for sale ?
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