1. P

    After-market cat recommendation for 190E 2.6?

    Hi everyone, The catalytic converter on my 190E 2.6 has finally split after 24 years! If was wondering if anyone might have any recommendations for third-party replacements? The genuine Merc parts are pricy - though maybe you get what you pay for... Thanks, Peter
  2. stwat

    190E Evo IIs Are So Precious, Mercedes Decided To Build A New One

    190E Evo IIs Are So Precious, Mercedes Decided To Build A New One
  3. C

    190e White

    Please can someone help me, my sister is getting married on the 1/9/17 in richmond and our late father had a White mercedes benz 190e on a k plate i would love to find one one which might be willing to drive her on the wedding day for me (paid of course) it would mean so much to her. please get...
  4. I

    190E 1.8 Head Gasket

    Looking for some advice; I have a 190 1.8 which I bought unseen off EBay last November, a nice car on the face if it. Was 6 months until I got round to looking at it, head gasket gone. I had the head skimmed and head gasket done by a local garage, still seems to be losing coolant. Questions is...
  5. S

    Mercedes W201 190E fire extinguisher wanted

    as the title states I'm*looking for a fire extinguisher OEM to go in a w201 190e I believe there all the same from that era if anyone has one please let me know asap.
  6. optimusprime

    mercedes 190e 2 litre recon cyl head on ebay

    This is a part is on Ebay .My friend told me it was on there , as some relation of his is selling it .As they no longer have the car . It was recond and info is in the listing on Ebay if interested item number is-12354156670 .You would be happy with this cyl head And the .price is £185
  7. A

    190E Auto

    I have just bought a 1993 190E 2.0L Auto. It has quite a pronouced clonk which appears to be coming from the rear of the car when moving from Neutral to either Drive or Reverse. Once in gear it drives normally and will kickdown. Both the front and rear prop shaft couplings are good. It's just...
  8. A

    190E Rear Sun Blind

    On German Ebay: 322445325347 | eBay Andy
  9. B

    hi i am new here

    hi this is my intro post. I bought a 190e 1992 sportline as a project car. I am a great fan of this form as I got useful info from what had been posted herein. Bashar
  10. B

    190E funny noise on engine startup

    Hello, this is my first post, so go easy on me! Well yesterday i bought my first Merc. it's a Silver 1990 190E I am really happy with it but would like to know if anybody knows what this noise is when i start the car. I would describe it as a faint honking/dog growling sound but see...
  11. LowMilerAMG

    Not Too Many Like This! Cool 190E

    This looks cool, retro 90's at its best! http://m.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C808807
  12. abecketts

    190E Westbury Motor Auctions

    http://www4.amstock.co.uk/westbury/stock-detail.aspx?rnum=46688RTU&code=1527 White, 99k Mike and K reg goes through the auction tomorrow in case any W201 fans were interested
  13. C

    190E 2.6 transmission fluid change interval + water pumps

    Looking in manuals and online, there seem to be wildly varying figures being given for the transmission fluid change interval. Some suggest changing it every year or 15k, others (including the Haynes manual) say 36k, with no specified time interval. Does anyone know which is correct...
  14. gunning

    My 190e on ebay

    Well I did the project side... I'd like to do more but for the moment I'm a bit bored of it so I'm going to sell it if I get the right offer. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/122165470039?_mwBanner=1
  15. Rob77

    W201 190E AMG Body Kit

    Does anyone have the part numbers for the AMG body kit please (Gen 1 & 2)? I have 2 front, 4 skirt, 1 ducktail and 1 rear sections and they could be from both Gen 1 and 2. I'd like to fit Gen 2 stuff where possible but it might be, for example, my rear section will be Gen 1. I'm fine if...
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Excellent Condition 1992 190E 2.0 - W201

    Selling for member Missytycoon whom I know personally. Mercedes Benz build quality went down the tubes...but that was after this model. This car has FSH and been cherished by more than one owner. It's History and Provenance are such that it was owned prior to my wife by the Parts Manager's...
  17. Rob77

    Lorinser spoiler for 190E

    Might be of use for someone? lorinser 4880201 mercedes 190e 3piece boot spoiler amg cosworth w201 zender evo | eBay Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  18. merc69man

    190e 2.6 Engine Gaskets and parts

    Can anybody tell me where i can get for my 2.6 190e a full top gasket set with valve stem seals and lower gasket set,head bolt set,hydraulic lifters,rings and scraper ring set and shells for the conrods? I have tried Euros ,GSF and they no longer stock these items anymore when they checked after...
  19. 1

    190E 2.5 16v

    Hi This is a long shot I need a spark plug cover for a 2.5 16v Not avail now through MB I have manage to get a fabricator who is more then happy to make it . How do i get the specs If you have one or know anyone that can help please let me know Thank you
  20. A

    Anyone fancy an 190E Evo II? Low mileage...

    Fewer than 1000 miles on the clock! Will make an excellent addition to any collector's garage! www.topgear.com/car-news/classic/incredible-time-warp-mercedes-190-evo-ii-grabs
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