1. M

    1965 230SL engine number

    Hi all. I'm looking at a 230SL, but the engine number is confusing me. The first 3 digits seem ok, (127), but the second three are 010, which I can't find in any Mercedes engine number lists. 981 would be the correct for an original engine, right? Any idea on the 010 numbers? Any help...
  2. smillion

    Big day tomorrow , 1965 Mustang !

    Tomorrow I am going to Southampton, with an old friend, dressed as jake and Elwood form the blues brothers, to collect a 1965 Mustang V8 coupe from the port. Keep your fingers crossed that it is the car pictured in the eBay ad I saw 7 weeks ago; that it really is road worthy; that it stays dry...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    1965 Unimog

  4. s88

    Letter selling Mercedes in 1965

    Found this on the tinternet this morning, thought it may be of interest to some 1965 letter selling the Mercedes-Benz 190 Diesel July 12, 1965 Dear Sir: "Forget it, Heinz," the experts told me. "It Just won't sell here." They were talking about the Mercedes-Benz 190 Diesel -- a car that is...
  5. 300CE

    Mercedes 300se coupe 1965 r.h.d. Barn find same owner for 42 years

    If any of you rich chaps fancy a project!!: MERCEDES 300SE COUPE 1965 R.H.D. BARN FIND SAME OWNER FOR 42 YEARS | eBay
  6. 300CE

    Mercedes 190c Fintail Black 1965 W110 Black Red Leather Ideal Winter Project

    Lots of NOS and Rare Parts Thousands Spent: Mercedes 190c Fintail Black 1965 W110 Black Red Leather Ideal Winter Project | eBay
  7. 300CE

    MERCEDES 1965 v8 6.3 M100 RHD w111 220 seb coupe

    What a shame: MERCEDES 1965 v8 6.3 M100 RHD w111 220 seb coupe | eBay
  8. T

    1965 300SE Fintail - £££ - ???

    Hi all - newbie alert here so please be gentle! I'm looking to buy a 300SE Fintail (1965) in mint or near to mint condition as possible... any idea what sort of money we'd be looking at here? Any input, help and advice would be much appreciated - thank you. :thumb:
  9. verytalldave

    1965 TVR Griffith 200

    OK.................not Mercedes, but worth watching.......... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6zoJoIiG7g Love that sound..............
  10. sparkyspost

    1965 Classic Mercedes Benz 600

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4649327457&ssPageName=MERCOSI_VI_ROSI_PR4_PCN_BIX_Stores Wants 11K for it though :o
  11. S

    New Guy needs help on 1965 220S

    Hi I hope I am in the right place.......... I have often thought about buying an old merc with the view of restoring it as a toy. I have found a 1965 220S in Maroon, it needs a bit of TLC but I can see the light. I will post a picture when I get one, I am going again tomorrow to have...
  12. B

    1965 mercedes 200 tailfin

    i have a 1965 200. its done well under 30000 from new only been used twice in the last 15 years. trouble is its been sitting on my drive in the open for the last four years and the weather is starting to get at it. there is a little rust starting where the paint has lifted in a few places, but...
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