1. D

    1977 450 sl on copart not classified U

  2. D

    1977 350sl brakes

    Our 1977 350SL needs a brake caliper overhaul through lack of use by the look of it. Can someone please recommend a trustworthy parts supplier who will supply the correct OE quality caliper rebuild kits or new calipers. I can get the calipers from our local Mercedes dealer but at approx...
  3. WDB124066

    280ce 1977

    Mercedes-Benz 280CE 1977 | Trade Me
  4. P

    Message to braces 1977

    Need to contact Braces 1977 regarding his car for sale but don't have access to private messaging. Anyone know how I get it or know if his 320 sl is still for sale ? Thanks guys Paulr
  5. Palfrem

    One owner 1977 W123 Diesel

    VERY RARE 1977 MERCEDES W123 300 DEISEL AUTO BLUE ONE OWNER FROM NEW, SUPERB CAR | eBay Shame there's no interior shots
  6. Niks

    London to Sydney 1977 - Mercedes 280E

    During my trip to the Mercedes Benz Musuem in Stuttgart, I came across a particular 280E (33) which caught my attention. I had no clue about the history of this car, or why it was even there and passed it off as "another on display". Couple of days ago during a random search on the internet...
  7. H

    1977 W116 280SE fuel problem

    Hi! I´m new here, and in deep.. Bought this car weeks ago, no head or intake manif. in the car. Installed a head, manifold+dist from a 1979 230E. the manif i installed have later version of sensor & distributor made from light alloy but as i can see the car originally came with the...
  8. gina2201

    Is this a good buy? 1977 Mercedes SL

    Opinions on this? 1977 Mercedes SL
  9. uumode

    1 owner pristine 1977 W123 (250) on offer again

    Rare one owner, pristine 1977 Mercedes 250 (w210) auto for sale: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4623885392&sspagename=ADME:B:AAQ:UK:1 Bit steepish I know but testing the classic car market with this one owner and in excellent condition specimen. My 22 years younger 1999...
  10. Sp!ke

    Re: Uumode's 1977 W123

    Wow what a fantastically preserved example. no wonder he doesnt want to get rid of it, neither would I :bannana:
  11. uumode

    My unc's 1977 W123

    Bear in mind it's 26 years old! One owner from new with original mechanics, metal, paint and upholstery, with 50k on the clock. His wife is nagging him to get rid of it for a new car perhaps Lexus or another MB.
  12. uumode

    1977 W123 250 for sale

    My uncle's selling his R Reg, garaged from, and owned from new since 1977, Mercedes Benz W123 250 http://w123.wan.st 49k miles, £7950 No accidents, dings, adulterating restoration work, - as from the factory with original panels, paint, upholstery, wheels etc. and less rust (if any)...
  13. M

    1977 240D oil filter unit

    Hi.    1977 240D oil filter unit. I need the plastic disc that fits on top of the paper element in the filter housing.   I've tried to order one through Merc dealers but with no success. On the parts CD there is a picture of the part but the part # don't tie up. It comes up a one...
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