1. S

    240td 1980 vacuum control valve and auto problems

    I hope this is the right forum. My oldish 240td (120k kms total from new and my car from new) has an auto box that slips. Most likely it is due to a service by a Bosch injection pump outfit that doesn't understand the intricacies of the vacuum control system. I am not sure what all the pipes...
  2. markjay

    For Sale: The Observer's Book of Automobiles - 23rd Edition 1980 & 25th Edition 1982

    See below. Condition: Used. I'd say they are more suitable for general interest and for nostalgia purposes than for collectors - they are OK but not pristine.
  3. R

    Best Polish for a 1980 R107 sl ?

    I have just bought a 350sl and want to give it a good polish up and to keep the condensation at bay through the winter months. Can any one recommend any really good brands / products with waterproofing capabilities. Will it do the chrome work as well? I'm a first time buyer of classic car so a...
  4. M

    Power Window switches for 1980 W123 230E

    Thought I'd start a new thread for this one.. apologies for all the questions! Can someone please tell me what would on been the factory supplied power window switches on a 1980 W123 230E (or as close as)? Mine have been retro fitted and at the moment are definitely not the correct...
  5. T

    Mercedes 1980 450SL parts

    Help needed. I have a 450SL that is running a bit rough and has been diagnosed as a leak in the Air intake breather hose. I have found this part impossible to locate even with the part No. The problem is that if we try and take it off we may damage it further making the car unusable and we...
  6. T

    1980 Mercedes 450SL fast idle

    Can any member recommend a workshop in the Manchester area that has expertise on these old Mercs. Most garages seem to be more familiar with modern cars and if it does not have a computer they are stumped. Thanks
  7. T

    1980 450SL fast tickover

    My new/old toy has a problem that has confused my local mechanic. I still had to pay his bill of course. Whilst the engine sounds healthy enough, it is ticking over at 1500rpm in neutral and 1000rpm in gear. All Internet info put this down to the air control valve which I replaced with a used...
  8. T

    1980 Mercedes 450Sl

    I have more or less committed myself to buying a 1980 450SL low mileage with good service history. Should pick it up tomorrow if as described. Just wondering if any member had owned one and would appreciate their opinions on maintenance etc. I understand that they are thirsty beasts but...
  9. K

    w116 280SE 1980

    Mercedes-Benz 280 | eBay These cars are getting scarce and rust is an infamous issue, but this one might be ok-ish considering "full body renovation and respray four years ago": someone has spent money albeit standard unknown. Rare option of ac (for a 280 especially) and I've been advised it...
  10. D

    380SLC - 1980 model- auto gearbox

    Hi I have a Mercedes C107 -380SLC- a 1980 model: the car holds 3 bar oil pressure when driving however when in gear at idle with the brakes on , the pressure drops to 1 bar and car seems to 'shake' and it seems as if the engine wants to stalls. Please advise how to cure this.
  11. reflexboy

    1980's Ghetto Blaster-JVC-Offers?

    Morning all-I'm selling this on behalf of my father whom has owned it from new. It's a JVC RC-656LB, Stereo Dolby Radio Cassette. It's not mint, but it's in pretty good condition. Both telescopic aerials are in tact and everything works as it should. Collection only from Chessington (M25...
  12. D

    the rarest slc ever 500 slc 1980 lhd

  13. SG1

    1980 450SLC - Problem!

    Right I recently bought a 1980 450SLC which has been stored in a garage for years unused as a project. I got the car home, went to start it and the key won't turn in the ignition. The steering wheel is also locked and I can't move it! Don't have a clue what to do or how to move it onto...
  14. The Boss

    Karlmann 1980's upright Piano (Rosewood/Mahogany) - FOR SALE

    Gents, Ladies Selling our beloved piano. owned from new. BRAND: KARLMANN exterior condition is very good.. there are some areas cosmetic repairs required to bottom edge of keys frame,on left and right ridges where keys sit and on one 5cm area of lit. There are small cracks around...
  15. C

    Merc 230 (W123) 1980 brake issue

    Hi, just signed onto this forum as I picked up the Mercedes this evening. It is in fair condition and has been garaged for the last five years. I plan a restoration. My knowledge is basic do first question is, how do I stop my front brakes staying on, causing hot discs and smoke etc.
  16. D

    Does anyone here know about 1980's Maserati's?

    And in particular, the mid-1980's 425 V6 Bi-Turbo model? Going to have a look at one tomorrow, I've done a fair bit of research into them already and just wondered if anyone on here had any knowledge on them, thanks.
  17. Birdface

    W123 1980 280CE Hello from New Member

    Hello from West London. Have been a 280CE owner since January 2013. Reviving her back from a peroid of benign neglect and have clocked up 500 miles to date. Came with 12 months MOT, and a few bodywork and service item challenges that need addressing. Have already de-mossed the body...
  18. roryl

    W123 280ce 1980

    Just Joined the MBClub after buying a W123 280CE, great condition, nothing needed fdoing to it, just would like to hear any comments on anything to look out for whilst running
  19. cammy

    1980 SL500 Won't Start

    Hi a mate of mine has a 1980 SL500 he is restoring got a message from him today as follows: I have a problem starting the merc. I wonder if you could post a question on the forum you're part of. I have renewed the following, plugs, rota arm, all leads, distributor cap & coil. Still not...
  20. M

    Mercedes w 123 - 1980 - first aid kit - never used

    On e-bay for sale: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
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