1. L

    1980s exhausts

    Seem to be hard to find. When I was running the W123, I completely failed to find one of the downpipes, and for the W126 I have now, middle section of the exhaust appears difficult to get. I guess more surviving W126s are V8s - although ISTR the figures that quite a lot of 280s were made...
  2. C

    1980s SL. Practical classic or money pit?

    Advice please. Seriously thinking of investing in a classic SL (we call it the Hart to Hart one), but no idea whether this is realistic or a recipe for bankruptcy. What are your experiences and what price point, year, mileage is less likely to be ruinous.
  3. KillerHERTZ

    How much faster are F1 cars now than in the 1980s?

    MFCqoivFA94#! F1 1986 vs F1 2011 - YouTube!
  4. Godot

    Met Police To Use 1980s Software To Safeguard Olympics

    Met Police To Use 1980s Software To Safeguard Olympics Scotland Yard has confirmed that the Met will be using command and control software from the 1980s during this summer’s games British police who will responsible for the safety of both tourists and competitors during this year’s...
  5. sl300 ireland

    becker europa radio/cas 1980s

    if anyone has one for sale let me know or a period blaupunkt thanks
  6. M

    Needed: Mechanic, Classic Merc (1980s), pref South West London

    Hi - Does anyone know of a good independent specialist able to work on classic mercedes (I have a W123 1982 Estate), in South or South West London? Thanks very much - B
  7. B

    1980s W123 MERCEDES 280CE - opinion

    I am really getting into these "older" Mercs I have been offered a good 280CE for just over £2,000 What are they like? - I am used to the W124s and later but have never driven a W123 What should I look out for apart from the obvious body rust, interior wear and tear and usual engine "noises"...
  8. Count Chocula

    1980s Coupe..

    Hello, I am a student at the moment and have recently come into a little bit of money (less than £1,000). For as long as I can remember I have wanted to own a Mercedes Coupe! I'm not really into trends and especially not the irritating 80s trend that all students my age seem to have embrassed...
  9. talbir

    1980s icons reunited

    Latest addition to the stable - pics below. I have a magazine article from Jan 1987 - the main feature pits the following three cars against each other : - w124 Hammer 560E DOHC - Ruf 911 Turbo - Ferrari 328 GTS Koenig Well, i wanted to bring the test bak to life twenty one years on...i...
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