1. T

    1983 280 SL Advice for a Newbie

    Hi, I'm totally new to the marque so go easy... But an opportunity to buy a 1983 280 SL has come up from a known, local, trusted source. I'll get the detail in a few days (history file, service record, etc.) and the opportunity to inspect it up on a ramp...but what are the big issues...
  2. J

    1983 280CE egr valve

    I'm having trouble finding a source for the egr valve that fits onto the front exhaust manifold, I'm also after the pipe that fits into it. Can anyone suggest where I may get one from? Thanks
  3. V

    1979 M115 2ltr into 1983 W123 200

    Hi There, I am currently working on my 1983 W123 200. When I purchased the car, there was no Engine and Gearbox. The car was originally a 2ltr M102 with 4 speed manual gearbox. I am having real trouble locating an M102 2.0 Carb engine :-( I have seen a complete Engine and 4 speed manual...
  4. K

    w123 230E 1983 with interesting spec

    Mercedes-Benz W123 230E Saloon - 76k, Blue MB Tex, Silver | eBay Attractive number, eh? 5 speed, ac and mb tex with manual windows is a desirable spec, IMO. Advertised on carandclassic for £2500, it's already made more than that here. Pity about the chrome arches...
  5. R

    New shocks & springs for my 1983 W123 230E

    Previous owner recently fitted new shocks and springs but specified 'heavy duty' Bilstein shocks and 'Taxi Ride' coil springs. As a result ride height is too high for me - looks a bit odd. and the car seems to jump down rather violently when going one bumps and speed bumps etc...
  6. tromppost

    1983 500 se

    Looks very good 1983 MERCEDES 500 SE W126 V8 AUTO SILVER - 52,000 MILES FROM NEW - IMMACULATE! | eBay
  7. G

    1983 280 pillerless coupe

    Hi Does anyone have any suggestions as to what wheels would fit on this? What ET Number and wheel size?
  8. B

    w123 series (1983) seats

    Just bought this car - really pleased with it - but would like to 'pimp' the seats and make them a bit more comfy and supportive. Any ideas re how or where to do this would be appreciated.
  9. P

    Near Side doors, w123 saloon 1983

    Hi. I am seeking a clean rust free pair of near side passenger doors to repair my much loved 230e... Does anyone have some or know where I might find them please?
  10. P

    Near side doors for w123 230e saloon 1983

    Hi. I am looking for a pair of complete doors both near (passenger) side to repair my mutilated but still lovely w123. If anyone has some or knows where I can find some then I'd love to hear about it. Many thanks.
  11. DR1VER

    My 1983 W126 500SE

    Hello everyone, I tend to drift in and out of the forum. Haven't visited for a while as have been without a Mercedes of any significance. I acquired this 500SE back in March, it has covered 52,000 miles with just 2 owners and a full Mercedes service history. Since buying it I have had it...
  12. Ant-toe-knee

    Mercedes Remembers the 190 E 2.3-16’s 1983 Nardò Reliability Records

    The Mercedes-Benz 190E (codename W201) is one of the most important models in the history of the brand with the star, as it opened up a huge segment for the company - the premium compact sedan category. Italian automobile designer Bruno Sacco, who served as the head of styling at the company...
  13. D

    1983 W123 230 CE Auto For Sale

    1983 'A' Reg W123. Seven month M.O.T. remaining, but no tax. There are MOT certificates dating back to 2001. Mileage is 152,500. As some of you know, I bought this car on a bit of a whim as a restoration project, but my other project (W202 C36) is now sucking up funds quicker than I'd like, and...
  14. Smithy53

    Prince Albert Of Monaco Car Collection Up For Auction - + 1983 500 SEC AMG

    Just one regal owner¿ Prince Rainier of Monaco¿s car collection up for auction (and some are at down-to-earth prices) | Mail Online Some fantastic looking cars from yesteryear. Anyone interested in the 1983 500 SEC AMG? Which is expected to fetch £12,000.
  15. 300CE

    1983 FIAT X1/9 VS Loads of Spares Included (1983) Tax/Mot - £750.00

    Not many around now - on pistonheads: Fiat : 1983 FIAT X1/9 VS Loads of Spares Included
  16. 300CE

    1983 mercedes 500 sec auto green - amg bodykit & borbet wheels

  17. T

    1983 230 CE Choking/Loss of Power (HELP...!)

    Hello all! I´m posting here for the first time as I am beginning to get desperate with an unknown issue with my 1983 230 CE. The car is in its final stage of a total ground-up restoration and is looking like new, saddly there is a problem which i for sure do not know how to resolve but also...
  18. E

    Rear Speakers in W123 230e (1983)

    Firstly, I'll post some pictures when I've finished cleaning the wee beastie (got dirty pics, need cleans ones to complete the set).:thumb: Front speakers easy to upgrade and I won't be chopping the dash apart to fit larger than standard there. It's the back ones that are my issue as this car...
  19. Red C220

    Stratton AMG Price list 1983 (photocopy)

    Stratton AMG Price List June 1983 | eBay
  20. W

    W123 1983 Losing speed while going uphill on motorway

    Hi there, A couple of months back, i started experiencing loss of speed while going uphill on motorways. Since then I have changed the spark plugs, cleant the carb, and changed the fuel hose - but the problem still persists. I would really appreciate any suggestions you may have? thanks. (its a...
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