1. gbjeppm

    560 sec 1988

    My SEC is now up for sale on ebay, if any members here are interested. 1988 Mercedes 560 SEC 126 Coupe | eBay Restoration thread on MBClub here https://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/176589-new-me-560-sec.html
  2. C

    1988 w124 300ce inner wings

    Hi are there inner wing panels available for the w124 coupe? My 1988 w124 coupe inner wings have a lot of rot on both sides near the front of car. Is it a case of cutting out the rust and welding in new metal? kind rgds
  3. anfieldassasin

    1988 300ce C124 for sale

    Hi guys, just an fyi i am selling my 88 300ce if any one is interested. The link to the advert is below 300ce c124 coupe lovely condition | eBay any questions then either PM here or if possible best via the ebay system as i can reply quicker via my phone bw
  4. N

    Mercedes w124 1988 Climate control wiring

    Hi I recently fitted a new A/C system into the car. I tried to follow the wiring from the old car where the A/C was taken from. However the control panel doesn't work when the car is on, neither the lights on the panel go on. I think the problem comes from the wiring. Does anyone have a...
  5. Calcifer

    1988 R107 300SL - Won't start, fuel pump relay?

    Hello A friend of mine owns a 1988 300SL and it's refusing to fire up. I have read some place before that the fuel pump relay could be the cause? Anyone else had a similar issue or could help diagnose what it may be? Thank you very much
  6. anfieldassasin

    1988 300ce water pump

    Guys MB just priced me a water pump at £236.50 Inc VAT. They will then give me £35 back for the old pump on top. Good deal or should I go after market (haven't decided if I should change pump yet)
  7. anfieldassasin

    1988 300ce electric seat base

    Hi All the electrical drivers seat base on my 300ce swivels slightly left to right and vice versa twisting my lower half when I corner tightly. Anyone come across this before? Nothing amiss when I look under the seat but I did find a small spring no idea if it's for seat or there...
  8. anfieldassasin

    1988 300ce fan clutch

    Hi guys correct me if I'm wrong but my car should have a viscous fan clutch (I recall my 230ce m103 had an electric one). Anyone have a diy on how to replace this? From what I searched they call for belt removal but I don't understand why this is necessary surely you just undo the bolt...
  9. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz 190 E Evo2 1988

    The owner is obviously not a marketing professional, but the car may be of interest to some regardless...? Mercedes-Benz 190 E Evo2 1988 | Trade Me
  10. R

    Hot start problems 1988 300TE, M013 Gas engine

    Hi Everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me with a persistant hot start problem on my 1988 300E, W124 with the M103 gas engine. I’ve had my car for about 10 years. It has 120,000 Km on it. It is a German model with the adjustable EZL-KAT resistor. The car was built in late 1987. Since I’ve had...
  11. B

    1988 sl300 r107 window/interior light fault

    Just purchased a 1988 sl300, it's a lovely example with just a few little issues, when I got the car home I realised the interior lights didn't work 4 in total one in each foot well and one either side above sunvisors, all had been disconnected I connected them back up and all worked in...
  12. martinswatton

    420SL r107 1988 key head

    Hi all, I need two new key heads for existing keys. I bought two from Ebay but they are too small - the part numbers of the heads I bought - A0007664406. I have since been informed this part number does not relate to my chassis number. Has anyone replaced their key heads on an r107? and if...
  13. R

    1988 W124 300E Cambelt change frequency?

    Hi Firstly does it have a cam belt? If so how often should it be changed? Thanks!
  14. J

    Carat Duchatelet 300se 1988

    Hello, I have been offered a Carat Duchatelet 300SE from a friend. What are they worth? I'll probably buy it as know the history and previous two owners well, as I will store it and take it to shows infrequently. Regards
  15. R

    1988 230TE bang when putting in reverse

    Well I've jumped in and bought my first w124... When I put it into reverse theres a resounding thud.... once its warmed up it doesn't do it? Its very low on service history so I don't have much last info to go on. I'd appreciate any thoughts for a w124 new owner Thanks Rich
  16. M

    1988 Mercedes 230ce. mot. essex £2150 o.n.o

    Here for sale is my w124 coupe and the second i have i owned. full history with clean MOT and low 126k miles engine and gear box perfect All filters recently changed including gearbox Enthusiast owned and been nothing but a pleasure to own (and be seen in) Drive away purchase This car is...
  17. WDB124066

    1988 sl

    Mercedes-Benz 500SL 1988 | Trade Me
  18. gbjeppm

    SEC 1988 Tow Eye Cover

    Anybody got one of these? colour does not matter. For a 1998 SEC. Part number is A1268800305. Please PM me if you do.
  19. Marvin16x

    1988 190E 2.3 – Distributor oily, why?

    Hi everybody, seems like I have nothing better to do at 1 am than thinking about the distributor of my old 190 and how it has been oily for a few years. I found it to be kind of submerged in engine oil about 2 years ago. It looked like this: After a few minutes of cleaning I got it back to...
  20. Y

    2.3 16v - 1988

    Hi, I have a 190e 2.3 16v, the cylinder head has eroded away and needs a rebuild etc. Can someone recommend a place that's good, quick and reasonable please?
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