1. mercmush

    1989 500 SL for 100k anyone?

    Who fancies a R107 1989 500 SL with 965 miles for 99,500 GBP then ?? Mercedes-Benz 500 5.0 SL 2dr
  2. F

    1989 W124 260E Car Stereo

    Anyone got an idea what was originally fitted to this model? Blaupunkt Radio Cassette? Any help appreciated. Matt
  3. S

    1989, 15,000kms 420 SEL Engine Problem

    Hi guys, New to the forum but not completely new to Mercedes. I recently purchased a LHD 1989 W126 420 SEL with the super low mileage of 15,000kms. I have a massive history file to back up the mileage, also the condition of the vehicle strongly indicates that it is completely genuine, the black...
  4. Calcifer

    Calcifer's 1989 AMG 3.2

    Since the W211 E55 AMG has been off the road with airmatic issues. I've been driving the AMG 3.2. It's refreshing to use a simple mechanical car without all the electrical issues of current age cars! The car started life as a 300E and sent directly from the factory to AMG for the 3.2L upgrade...
  5. W

    1989 W124 300D OM603...a bit scruffy

    FOR SALE This is being posted on behalf of an old gentleman who doesn't do the internet! Good points All 4 jacking points welded and sills have been stonechipped 4 brand new Nexen tyres Brand new blue Bosch battery (not in picture) cost over £100 All 6 glow plugs replaced this year...
  6. C

    1989 W126 300se £1100 Hook, Hampshire

    I saved this car from London where it had been sat on the street for 3 years getting very little use (c.500 miles a year) after the owner fell ill, with the intention of using it as a stop gap until my newly ordered BMW is delivered. Why get something new and boring when cars like this are...
  7. ringway

    Classic 1989 Grandstand April Fools' Prank.

    LINK. :)
  8. stwat

    Cruise control disengaging. 1989 300SE

    I've just been to stock up on important items (beer) and on a nice long stretch of road I flicked the cruise on. All was well for a mile or so but then the cruise decided to switch its self off. (Maybe it's very clever and realised I was getting close to the shop) Shop done and back driving...
  9. Calcifer

    1989 300E AMG 3.2L - Any Information?

    Morning guys, I was speaking to a friend last night who is interested in the AMG Hammer style 300E which was produced by AMG as a 3.2L Anyone here have any information about the cars? I could not seem to find much at all online except for a car for sale here: 1989 Mercedes AMG 3.2 - Mendel's...
  10. brucemillar

    W124 Estate Owners Handbook (1989)

    Folks Does anybody have, or know where I can get my hands on an Owners Handbook for a 124 Estate? If I am being really fussy - Mine is a 1989 - 300te 4-Matic Estate, without the side cladding. I have seen one on ebay from the USA, which they refer to as a "blue book" but with the postage etc...
  11. brucemillar

    1989 124 300TE Front Grille Q

    Folks What colour would the plastic behind the chrome have been on my 300TE when new? It is a faded grey now. I am unsure if that is the original or if it would have been black. Either way it's need a freshen up. Any tips for reviving this please?
  12. Pfinix

    w126 420 SEC 1989

  13. R

    420sl r107 1989

    Hello Everyone I have a problem with my SL 107 in that no rear break lights are working, I checked the bulbs and they are fine, also tested with multi meter and no power is coming into the back cluster for the break lights only all other lights are working fine, Can anyone help point me in...
  14. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth 2.5 1989

    Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth 2.5 1989 | Trade Me
  15. nick mercedes

    Breaking 1989 124 4-matic

    Breaking 1989 300TE 4-matic MB recon transmission Good engine Interior scrap Panels mint, other than 1 wing. Anyone?
  16. dave g wagon

    Sl 300 1989 rear heated screen need

    Anyone know where i can purchase one rear screen 300 sl 1989
  17. M

    289HP Rare Track Ready 1989 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo 1

    Simply awesome. From the article: 289 hp is serious for a 2.5L 4-cylinder, as eclipsing the 100hp/L ratio is always a mark of distinction for naturally aspirate engines, particularly from 30 years ago. USA-spec cars never got the 2.5L, and certainly none of the other modifications shown...
  18. tromppost

    500 SEC 1989 28,000 miles

    Saw this on Pistionheads. Still looks good for it's age Used 1989 Mercedes-Benz SEC Series for sale in Tamworth | Pistonheads
  19. P

    1989 500SL Windscreen Wiper Relay Location

    Dear All My R129 wiper is playing up - sometimes it would work fine, sometimes stopping at random points on the screen. Now it does one sweep and parks on the wrong side. I'm trying to locate the relay as it's NOT above the fuse box as in later models. Mine has the old 'bullet' fuses and the...
  20. christopherwk

    1989 W124 300E for sale on www.expolicecar.co.uk

    Just thought I'd post this up here, in case it's of any interest. It's a 90,000 mile, 300E auto in maroon. £1,499 Ex Police Car : Stock Details Company is based in Halifax. I've no dealings with the company, I often browse their site to see what interesting stuff the police use.
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