1. SL300-24

    Tomtom Go 920T £199!

    I have never bought an aftermarket sat-nav before. I am now in the market for one and have seen the 920 for £199 which seems like a good deal. I visit the U.S. at least once a year and it provides U.S. and Canada mapping as well as UK and Europe, which will be very handy. I was just wondering...
  2. Satch

    Fuel £1.99 per litre

    " A Devon petrol station is charging drivers more than £9 a gallon for petrol and diesel as drivers clamour for fuel. The Foxhayes station at Exwick near Exeter has put all grades of petrol and diesel up to £1.99 a litre. The manager said the move was to conserve stocks and said he was...
  3. marc777

    Road Angel new model - £199 upgrade?

    Has anyone upgraded to the new model Road Angel and if so is it worth it. The following supplier appears to offer a £200 trade in on the existing model, but that still leaves £199 to pay. http://www.networxautomotive.com/roadangel04.html The question is, is it worth it? Marc
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