1. N

    Breaking: W124 Estate 1990, 'G' reg

    WDB1240902F131848 Smoke silver, M103 3.0, 7 seater with beige / honey cloth interior. Pretty much all still there, let me know if you are looking for anything.
  2. roman82

    Mercedes 300-24 SPORTLINE 1990 parts

    Hi everybody.i just bought Mercedes 300-24 SPORTLINE saloon( as NEDED some parts for my 300ce SPORTLINE). Engine and gearbox not for sale.interior she has like 500e but gone. Only 4 doors card available from interiors and dashboard in black colour.also all 4 doors in super condition and both...
  3. M

    W124 1990 2.5D black - breaking soon...

    As per this thread I'll soon be breaking a black 2.5D W124: I'll be sticking the engine on Ebay and keeping the spoiler, manual box & interior myself, but drop me a message if you need any other parts off the car. NB: none of the exterior panels have particularly good paintwork, but only the...
  4. L

    M116 420 (1990 w126)

    Can anyone offer a definitive view on which fuels system is going to be on a 1990 420SE W126? searching the web gives mixed results. One site says Bosch D, but that's referring to the older series of cars (W107 and W116)
  5. I

    1990 C126 SEC Fuel Flap/Door Wanted

    As per title, petrol flap for 1990 SEC needed please if anyone has one. Apparently there are different part numbers for generation one, two and then late generation two so need the right one. Thanks!
  6. WDB124066

    Bullet proof 1990 420se

    Mercedes-Benz Other 420SE BULLET PROOF 1990 | Trade Me
  7. D

    where to get a 1990 E200 Front down pipe ?

    Hi I have been looking over the internet but can't find any down pipes for my car. euro car parts thought it was a cat version but it isn't and the exhaust does not fit. any ideas where i can get the exhaust section from? Thanks in advance Dan
  8. J

    1990 W124 Door locks+ key

    Need a set of door barrels for a w124. Dont need ignition barrel as im not bothered about seperate keys. also the bootlock if possible. posted or collected within reason, im based in manchester. TIA
  9. D

    ultra rare 560 carat duchcalate 1990 full history for restoration project

    1990 Mercedes Benz 560 carat duchcalate very rare total restoration | eBay
  10. K

    W124 230E silver 1990 facelift for parts

    Whole car available with LPG conversion too good to scrap but unused for several years.
  11. anfieldassasin

    1990 W124 Coupe 230ce Low Miles

    Hi all, I am selling my 1990 C124 230ce Coupe. Its in original condition with only 102,000 miles, i bought it at 93,000 and it has been my daily driver over the last year and has never let me down. It has MOT till 28th April 2016 and i have all the old MOTs to verify milage. It has the...
  12. Parisien

    Wanted - 300ce 1990 brochure

    Anyone have a spare one of these (or price lists etc) ? Looked on ebay can only see a German version or others way too expensive, happy to pay a reasonable amount and cover postage, Cheers P ( Indeed I have a few to swop if suitable, 190e or 190e 2.3-16 brochure)
  13. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz 300 E 1990

    Had failed to understand there was a green dash option....:) Mercedes-Benz 300 E 1990 | Trade Me
  14. brens-e200

    1990 W124 rear suspension rust

    hi my 1990 230E saloon has failed the NCT ( MOT) for primary structure corrosion on both rear subframe mounts :(:(. I have attached a pic of the affected area ( not my car ) and was wondering if these brackets are available or repairable. thanks in advance brendan
  15. M

    1990 Mercedez Benz 300sl

    I have a 1990 300sl ive changed alot of stuff already but the darn motor keeps flooding some one please help me.
  16. Notwen

    1990's AMG badge

    I am trying to locate the correct boot lid AMG badge for my 1995 C36. The MB number is HWA 201 817 0315, but this now supersedes to the later type. This is the style I am looking for: If anyone has one they wish to part with, please let me know. regards Gareth
  17. D

    W124 AMG 1990 Steering wheel WANTED

    As per title. In black with boss adapter for my w124. Regards Scott
  18. 1

    1990 Benz 300CE-24 - Edinburgh - £700 - NO MOT

    My unreliable-starter coupe is probably worth more worth more dead than alive so I have a 'breaking' thread too but I'm lazy and sentimental so I'd love to see this going to someone to fix it or swap a less temperamental engine into but I'm a realist so know these are just not as well loved as...
  19. M

    1990 Mercedes Benz 190E Evolution 2 selling for $700,000

    Amazing car but what is up with the price? From the article: 990 Mercedes Benz 190E Evolution 2 - #146 of 500. Never originally available in the USA, this is precisely the first time that this rare automobile is being offered for sale completely legal for ownership and on-road use! This...
  20. 7

    How can I find my paint code. 1990 w124

    Bit of a newbie I am.... But if I post up my vin plate thing.. Could someone tell me the paint code?
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