1. G

    R129 1991 500SL Turns Over But Will not Fire

    Hi there Been a while! I hope everyone is well? I've got a problem with my SL - I suspect it is immobiliser related but hope someone can offer me some advice. I went to start my car earlier and as it has been a while, I let the immobiliser kick in so the engine would turn and not fire. I...
  2. D

    w124 300e 1991 cutting out abs light on

    hi guys i bought a lovely 300e w124 few months ago, all of sudden the abs light comes and goes, and yesterday she cut out when coming to a stop at the lights, the following day tried to start it did turn over but within a second she would cut out, left it for a few days and shes back to...
  3. F

    R129 1991 300SL-24 (104.981) no oxygen sensor

    After a long search on what's causing fuel smells in the exhaust and the engine not running smoothly on operating temp, I decided to replace my oxygen sensor. To my big surprise, only the connector (see picture) is installed. The hole where the wires to the sensor are supposed to be is sealed...
  4. F

    300SL-24 1991 Vibrating at idle + fuel smell in exhaust

    After a long search, I found this article (http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/engine/96013-three-years-rough-idle-sl320-r129-v6-m112.html) which describes the symptoms of my car: - vibrating at idle when engine is warm - fuel smell in exhaust - some loss of power at low refs (not sure of this...
  5. 5

    1991 500E for sale in Dubai - 15k GBP

    Hey all, selling this car on behalf of a friend. It is located in Dubai but obviously can be shipped anywhere in the world. Information below: This is a Japan supplied car new and has been in Dubai for the last few years. Exterior - Black with black interior (recently fully repainted)...
  6. WDB124066

    1991 Mercedes-Benz 300 SE

    Only 31.000 kms! Mercedes-Benz 300 SE 3.0 AUTOMATIC 1991 | Trade Me
  7. A

    1991 sl300

    Hoping for some help identifying the problem: enthusiastic driver but zero ability when it comes to maintenance! Mechanic suggesting change of spark plugs and leads. Experiencing vibration beneath driver's seat when idling at roundabout, traffic lights etc. Something is affecting the...
  8. 5

    w124 500e - 1991

    Mercedes 500e LHD e 500 w124 e class 5.0 v8 auto, 12m mot, no reserve auction | eBay Looks like a genuine enough car and has no reserve on it so might go for a realistic price, looks like a very early one too, being on a H reg. Not sure about "car never modified" part as it looks to have the...
  9. E

    1991 R129 SL500 idle problem

    Evenin' all. I've just been to see a 1991 R129 SL500 I'm interested in, and it has (among others) an idling issue. The engine idled normally at first, but then rose to idle at 1500, then 1700, rpm. If I manually blipped the linkage at the rear above the engine, then held it against the stop, it...
  10. greghm

    Sl500 - 1991

    Mercedes-Benz SL Class 5.0 SL500 2dr it does seem like a good price ... does that mean troubles to see ?
  11. WDB124066

    1991 300se

    One out of the box here... Mercedes-Benz Other 300SE 1991 | Trade Me
  12. mbenz1977

    Mercedes retro wheel trims off my 1991 300sel

    Only x3 trims £30
  13. M

    R129 1991 Good weather coming no soft top

    :devil:Anyone out there help me PLEASE**** just removed the hardtop on My 1991 500sl no problems everything functioning as normal,However when i tried to raise the soft top, it only came up half way and then locked at vertical, went down as normal no problem tried again same thing ran a...
  14. S

    Can a 1991 500E ever be worth £70k?

    Low miles ex museum car, 1 of 25 official UK cars.
  15. G

    1991 500sl not starting

    :wallbash:Hi there I have a 1991 500sl it has been dry stored for 12 months, I have drained all the old fuel fitted a new fuel filter It does not seen to have any fuel in the injector lines fronm the fuel distributor there is fule in the main feed and return lines to the distributor, fuel pumps...
  16. N

    1991 199 190E 2.6 with AC, leather & Sport chassis

    Bid to £205 w/ 1 day to go. Bloke doesn't seem to know it has the highly 'sort' after 650 option, sport chassis with 15 hole alloys, which look to have been replaced with what might be Lorinsers. Might be a bargain. Possible red flag - "Upon looking today, i seem to have misplaced the...
  17. E

    124 series, 260e, 1991

    Just had air con 're gassed, but pump not working. I ask if and where a relay can be found. Bob and
  18. M

    Starter Problem R129 1991 500SL

    Hi,Merc Lovers, I am going to replace all the fuses in my SL500 would appreciate any advice on what type to use mine are the original fuses i.e 14yrs old ceramic,have looked at several articles but as a complete novice they are gobbledygook to me,THANKYOU>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:dk:
  19. M

    Starter Problem R129 1991 500SL

    Hi again to all you Mercedes lovers,an update to my starter problem ,i have just tried to enter by remote,no luck worked with key,but now absolutely no power whatsoever,obviously battery has drained overnight(i think* any suggestions would be welcome,have tried jump starting but to no avail...
  20. M

    Starter Problem R129 1991

    Hi,i have recently recharged my battery and after reconnecting the roll bar came up of its own volition i have windows lights and heating can lock by remote i have all lights flashing when key in position two car will not start can anyone help also red light for top lights up when key in P2:fail
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