1. R

    1994 SL320 M104 misfire

    Fine one day, then idle went awol and misfire started, felt like 2 cylinders but may have been one. Total mileage driven with miss about 4 miles. Took car home and left it, whilst errands run in spare car. Several hours later I started it miss still there, I ran a diagnostic blink code...
  2. c955

    1994 W124 E320 Coupe

    W124 E320 Coupe £3,495 1994 M Reg 136,400 Miles 12 Months MOT 3 Owners 4 Speed Auto Dark Green (MB Tourmaline) Apart from the standard suite of refinements e.g. leather interior, electric windows and sunroof, optional extras worth mentioning: • Sportline chassis • 90L fuel...
  3. I

    1994 W124 Excellent grey drivers seat and other bits

    Almandine e220, 1994, facelift model. Bonnet losing Lacquer and boot the same. Sunroof. Main thing is a grey drivers seat with excellent bolster - all the rest are OK, too. I'll put it on ebay in a few days unless there's any interest here, buyer to remove from car in Preston. 125 for all...
  4. P

    SL500 1994 non start after harness replacement

    Hi all, helped a friend replaced the upper engine harness on his 1994 SL500. The original was falling to bits and although the car was running pretty well with just the occasional lumpy idle ... it was a matter of time. Sent the loom to Sileck who appear to have done a first class job...
  5. E

    1994 SL500 Throttle Body - part number required

    Could some kind person with EPC access find the time to look up the throttle body part number for my '94 SL? The VIN is WDB1290672F103359. Thank you in hope and anticipation...
  6. T

    1994 e320 convertible rear windown motor

    any ideas where i can get one? ive tried all the places i know need the rear right
  7. E

    1994 R129 - underbonnet mat

    Good evening all. I'll shortly be fitting a new OE underbonnet insulating mat to my 1994 SL500. Has anyone else done this? If so, Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated. Specific question: will two 500 ml aerosols of spray trim adhesive be sufficient? (I'm fitting the clips as well...
  8. chris3004

    W124 facelift 1994 headlight

    In need of a drivers side original w124 head light, or lens. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  9. S

    w124.022 heater blower parts number

    Hello guys! Since I am new here at this forum. I would like to thank you all for the great posts. You guys have helped me a lot over the last years. I hope someone might be able to help me outwit some part numbers here. Since my blower fan decided to die on me just as the temperature...
  10. Haris

    1994 Mercedes W140 S280 - Gearbox fault

    1994 Mercedes W140 S280 MOT Aug 2017 Mileage: 130k 2.8L Straight six Double glazed windows Soft close doors and boot Electric mirrors Cream leather interior Climate control Rear parking markers Dual-zone climate control Rear passenger illuminated vanity mirrors. Adjustable lumbar...
  11. Motomax

    1994 Sl320 sound system

    Hello On this SL I seem to be a little stuck. When I bought the car, it had an aftermarket head unit installed yet still the original speakers. As all speakers well shot, I replaced all in both doors and installed a new pioneer head unit, so that I can play my phone through it. This worked...
  12. swannymere

    Which battery for a 1994 S124 E300d

    This is going to sound daft, my car i think has air conditioning rather than climate control (any heads up on the difference and what to look for?) but when i enter the details in any online site it asks which battery? Non-aircon (096) or with aircon (019) the problem being that the 019 battery...
  13. chris3004

    1994 W124 Parts Needed

    Looking for the following parts IDEAL COLOUR #199 Blue-Black Bonnet Grill Drivers side heated mirror Rear bumper Front Bumper Rear Differential Heater matrix fuse box original wheel caps Front lights
  14. Palfrem

    1994 G Wagen interior mirror

    The interior mirror on my 1994 W463 is in rather poor condition with the silvering deteriorating quite badly. I can't believe MB designed a mirror just for this model, so does anyone have any idea as to what other MB mirrors may be candidates for a replacement please? I have a superb...
  15. Sylvo

    R129 1994 Rear Light Cluster Interior boot Panels

    Anyone had issues with this. The rear cluster interior panels that gives access to the bulbs are constantly swinging open. Have tried gaffer tape but it looks naff and leaves a mark. Have tried strong Velcro but when its warm the sticky bit softens and comes loose. :wallbash: Am loathe to...
  16. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz S 500 V8 COUPE 1994

    40 000 kms. Mercedes-Benz S 500 V8 COUPE 1994 | Trade Me
  17. T

    1994 E320 Sportline Convertible

    I bought this in 2012 for about £13,000 Since then ive put my original AMG kit & alloys on it Had the AMG kit resprayed (same colour) Just had the alloys refurbed & new tyres Had a full valet inside & out (inc boot & engine bay) Just had its MOT & a full service Have to sell it as i cant drive...
  18. S

    1994 C124 220CE with AMG bodykit

    A stunning example https://www.gumtree.com/p/mercedes-benz/mercedes-w124-coupe/1174036913
  19. N

    1994 W140 S280 spares or repair. Great Project Car

    Im open to realistic offers for my 94 S280 as need the space on my drive and receiving serious ear ache from SWMBO. She will to be collected on a trailer as needs a driveshaft.. There is a cracking set of AMG I alloys fitted all the tyres with excellent tread.. I really dont want to sell the...
  20. B

    1994, e200, 124

    Hi , I"m looking for drivers side front door plastic panelling with the chrome strip. panelling Pt No-- MB 1246901640R. Vehical is a Merc saloon 1994 E200 w124 petrol 2 liter Thanks Bob Pearson
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