1. Palfrem

    W124 E36 AMG estate sells for £19K

    1996 Mercedes W124 E36 AMG Est for Auction - Anglia Car Auctions Looks lovely, low miles too. Reminds me of the Ghostbusters ambulance though. And LHD. I wonder where it will surface again?
  2. Palfrem

    Low miles 500E £19K

    Mercedes 500E built by Porsche 1993 W124 E500 AMG styling - IMMACULATE | eBay Looks very good indeed.
  3. D

    which Eclass for upto £19k?

    I'd appreciate some advice in choosing a merc. I need one with adjustable steering column. Do no more than 10k Budget about 15-19k Plan is to hold on to the car for about 5-8 years Not keen on anything less than a 2.6litre. Been told best to stretch to a 320CDi if i can read a couple...
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