1. S

    E350 Coupe 19s do you think Wallowy???

    I sold an E350 because steering amendments would shake the car from side to side for hours and I decided at great expense that the E350 handles like a double bed. However I had 18s. I am considering a new ish E350 Coupe on 19s... My friend said I can get some post market shocks for it... to...
  2. christokane

    w124 ce lowered on 19s

    hey folks I have a 220 ce coupe on 19in monoblocks,I reduced tire size to front 235/35 back 255/35s, which raises the car a bit and I want to lower it... and even roll the arches if need be. has anyone lowered their car on this size wheel? my concern is more so the front arches when turning...
  3. Kid_Dav

    19s on a w204 2012 C Class coupe

    An you put 19 inch alloys on a new C class coupe? Mercedes only supply the car with a choice of 18" alloys and I believe 35mm profile tyres. Would like to go to 19s and put the C63 multi spokes on, is this poss?
  4. AnilS

    Long shot but looking for 19s (E39)

    Looking to by some 19s for my BMW 530i Sport. I know its a bit of a long shot but does anyone have some or know of someone wanting to sell? Not afraid of a refurb, if the price is right, but must be unbuckled, straight and true ;) I'm fussy about tyres but can be tyre or untyred. Let me know...
  5. B

    C63 AMG 19s or 18s?

    The 19s look nice but the 18s look very appealing come cleaning day. The demo I drove had 18s and the pp and rode well. I am not having the PP so would welcome opinions on the two.
  6. d w124

    MAE Alloys 19s

    Pretty rare in UK MERCEDES 55 SL AMG, MAE CROWN JEWEL 3,19 INCH, AMG,SL, on eBay (end time 28-Nov-09 14:15:57 GMT)
  7. B

    Help pls Will these 19s fit my clk270 o3

    I did'nt realise this fantastic forum exsisted until last night and I had already won a ebay auction for some 19" wheels offset 35 no tyres . I then read the guide on this forum and it has confussed me. I emailed the seller before the auction ended and he assured me they would fit is this true...
  8. ibrar

    19"s AMGs

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if its possible to get 19" AMGs for my '00 C250? I currently have 18"s but they seem too small. (Anybody have any other preferable choices? If so attach a pic!) Also any other upgrades I could add to me car? Here is a pic, but its not the best!
  9. c55

    19s & rolling radius

    Can you use 19s on w202, I know u can on the CLK, but r any body work mods required for the Cclass , how would u retain the rolling radius ?
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