1. grasmere

    1Mb to 2Mb - can anyone tell the difference?

    I've been on 1Mb broadband for a few months now and can upgrade for an extra £3 to 2Mb - but is it worth it? The change from dial up to 512Kb was fantastic and from 512Kb to 1Mb 'seemed' to be noticeable but what do you guys think of goig from 1 to 2 Mb please Ian
  2. J

    1mb for £9.99per month

    I have just upgraded my internet connection from 512 to 1mb for free. I am with UK Online who seem to provide a very good sevice with NO restrictions. £9.99 per month must be one of the best deals out there.
  3. Flyer

    1mb Broadband - wow!

    I've just upgraded my ADSL connection to 1Mbps with Eclipse (Business 1000; 20:1 contention ratio) and ... OH MY GOD! What a difference. MBClub loads instantly, everything's so much "snappier". Of course, some sites still load slowly (but not ours, cheers Maff :D ). ADSLGuide reports 931Kbps...
  4. Kinky

    1mb ADSL Update

    As promised, BT upgraded my ADSL from 512k to 1mb today :rock: I must confess it's not a noticable difference. I ran some tests to check, it was all working, which all look pretty good - results as follows: Direction: Downstream Actual Speed: 937 Kbps (117.1 KB/sec) True Speed...
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