1. bob6600

    20% off ebay today only 4pm - 10pm

    Code will be confirmed later must have UK paypal account Thanks to HUKD 20% off everything on ebay 4pm - 10pm WOOOOO - Hot UK Deals
  2. DanMorgan

    eBay 20% OFF Everything Today

    May be useful to some, but eBay are doing 20% OFF everything today when you use the code CUKFLASH at checkout. Only till 10PM!
  3. W

    Aviva renewal up 20% - multi-car con. Exercise caution.

    So we have 4 cars (E class, SLK, Q5 and Fiesta) on multicar with Aviva. No claims (ever), no convictions (ever), no circumstance change, or car change, but the renewal quote was up 20% over last year. They flat refuse to do a price match or change their quote any way - just told me to shop...
  4. Tan

    20% off Castrol Oils

    Costco have 20% off Castrol Oils from 4th to 24th November Edge 5W/40 4ltr £23.98 inc VAT Edge 5W/30 4ltr £23.98 inc VAT GTX 15W/40 £12.46 inc VAT Magnatec 5W/30 4ltr £18.22 inc VAT Magnatec 10W/40 2 x 4ltr £28.78 inc VAT
  5. S

    duty cycle frozen at 20%

    can anyone give me an idea what is the checklist under these circumstances please? I've managed to get the engine to run reasonably smoothly but i understand that the duty cycle should be up at 50% but when i try and make the mixture richer, it dies. Possibly faulty temp sensor? EHA? If i...
  6. 2

    20% michilen off tyres at Costco Farnborough

    Hi all, Just a heads up that there's a Costco opening in Farnborough on 12th July and if you join up before that date you get a 20% off voucher if you buy 4 Michelins. Plus also a £20 voucher, free big tray of eggs and big case of water! Membership £30 but the vouchers pays for itself. Tyres...
  7. grumpyoldgit

    20% Off Mobil oils @ Halfords

    Just walked past my local Halfrauds and noticed they have 20% discount on their Mobil oils. Didn't check as to what they had available, but think it would be a nationwide promotion.
  8. HB

    Costco 20% off Michelin is on

    Buy 4 tyres and get 20% off. Just took the CLK down for 4 PS3s , £445 fitted.
  9. ringway

    Costco. Michelin Tyres 20% Discount Offer. Starts 11th of June.

    I hadn't noticed the Costco, Michelin Tyres 20% discount offer this year to date (usually around Easter time). I called them today and the offer starts on the 11th of June. I need two new Michelin Primacy HP 225/55/17 101W tyres for my Vito. Including Vat and fitting. Costco = £187.76...
  10. npuk

    20% off Castrol Oil

    Just a heads up Castrol oil is 20% off currently at Costco till November 20/11.
  11. Goldfish11

    Costco 20% off Four tyres promo October 2011

    The Costco 20% off 4 Michelin Tyres is running from 31st October (Monday) until the 20th November 2011. Time to order up your nice cheap Winter Tyres or get some new summers. Just got their leaflet in the post today.
  12. Goldfish11

    Costco 20% off Four tyres promo October 2011

    The Costco 20% off 4 Michelin Tyres is running from 31st October (Monday) until the 20th November 2011. Time to order up your nice cheap Winter Tyres or get some new summers.:D Just got their leaflet in the post today.
  13. Alps

    Mercedes Inchcape extra 20% off

    Inchcape are giving an extra 10% on top of their usual 10% discount when ordering via their site this weekend. Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape use code PROMO10 no connection with them but someone might want to use it
  14. Goldfish11

    Costco 20% off Four tyres promo

    Just popped into Costco there bi annual 20% off four tyres promotion starts on Monday 13th June (Finishing on 03/07/11) (They normally do an other promo in December/January time as I bought a set then):thumb: Remember they dont have to be the same 4 tyres so you can buy 1 for one car, 1 for...
  15. matty.13

    20% @ ecp

    theres 20% off service parts if you spend over £30 @ www.eurocarparts.com , just use prmo code service20 at checkout . this offer is valid until 10 june .
  16. N

    20% off all oils at ECP discount code.

    Code: WEEKEND1 From 8:00 am on the 12th until 11:59 on the 14th.
  17. npuk

    Costco Oil Offer - 20% Off

    Just a heads up was in Costco today and saw they have 20% off all Castrol oil. This is at Watford so price may be lower at your local Costco as Watford tends to be a little higher.
  18. DSLiverpool

    20% Off A New XKR

    Whilst browsing looking for the missus`s used £15k SL500 and wondering what to swap the XFR for (CLS / A7 thoughts) a Jag salesperson got me talking and a new factory build XKR rag top can be mine for £70k with lowish % and a high spec as standard. These deals will kill residuals but its a lot...
  19. R

    EuroCarParts.com 20% discount code

    Saw this elsewhere and thought someone might find it useful. Code is JAN20 - valid until 28th Jan.
  20. The _Don

    Navigation disc 20% discount

    Hi all i have a voucher for a 20% discount when you purchase an up to date cd or dvd for your mb navigation system if anybody requires it send me a sae and i will post it.
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