1. E

    Mercedes W210 E240 Avantgarde, 2000 70k miles FSH

    Welcome, here for sale I have my very much loved and cherished Mercedes E240 Avantgarde with the superb 2.6 V6 engine, with just under 70.000miles, in a rare dark Green/Black this car has a lot of factory ordered extras like: piped leather seats, electric seats, heated seats, Air conditioning...
  2. MercedesDriver

    My annual 2000 mls road trip

    Epping 4.15am It's still dark, car was loaded yesterday and I only hope I haven't forgot something. 1,2,3,4 all in and we are ready to go. Sat nav estimates 1h45min to Folkestone and there are no reported accidents. Perfect. A406 A13 M25 M20 should be a nice ride at this time of a day...
  3. W

    Mercedes e320 w210 cdi lack of power - year 2000

    Hoping you guys can help me here.... when i start the car everything is fine. Full power, full boost... no issues. If the car idles for a minute or so in traffic, then pull off with big drop in power... boost non existant. It will stay like this until engine stopped and restarted. As soon as i...
  4. P

    2000 W210 E320 CDi Estate, auto, Blue

    Time to sell the wifes car, need a 4x4 as we keep getting stuck in snow in the Alps, where we spending more and more time. Its just passed its MOT with NO advisories (failed on brake pads which have been changed). 11 months remaining. 192000 miles, runs really very well. Has taken us to...
  5. Mr Fixit

    2000 W208 CLk 200 W

    Bro is selling his 2000 W208. Green with 139000 miles, full MOT (12 months) The car is tatty and has been sign written in the past but runs and drives well. He is looking for £200-£300 collection from the North West Nick
  6. A

    2000 E320 T Cdi rpm at 62 mph

    I've got an w210 E320 T CDI, and it uses a bit more fuel than previous cars of the same model I've had. I think the transmission may not be locking up as it should. The engine speed in fifth gear when cruising at 100 km/h or 62 mph is 2.000 rpm, can anyone who has a car like this tell me whether...
  7. U

    2000 w210 E220 cdi epc and oil pressure switch warning lights

    Hi all, This morning I have foolishly decided to wash my engine bay with a jetwash. Prior to this my car was running fine with no issues at all . However since the jetwash ( predominantly around the front of the engine and around the power steering belt area), I have had the EPC...
  8. S

    ML 270cdi 2000

    Info please ...I have now received my new ML 270 cdi water pump with two gaskets a metal and a rubber one ... Question do you use both gaskets or maybe just the metal one ?? The rubber gasket looks like it is meant for a model that has grooved recess to take gasket my 270cdi has flush...
  9. B

    Need advice on buying a 2000 Brabus e220 cdi

    This is the third post for buying advice on a used car, and i know you guys are kinda sick of it, but I'll ask anyway, because my research proved useless... hope i get some answers. I found a 2000 Brabus e220 cdi online and if everything goes well, I'm serious about buying it. Got the final...
  10. R

    W210 E320 Cdi 2000 No power

    From cold for about 10 miles the car runs perfectly. Then it goes all soft and no acceleration. Stop, switch off and restart and it runs fine for 15mins or so. Have changed the Maf and Map sensors but no cure. Any ideas?
  11. N

    Haynes Manuel for 2000 W202 C200 Kompressor Estate

    I've just purchased this car and unfortunately no service history so going to get stuck in and do what I can before handing it over to a qualified mechanic! I can't seem to find a service manual that covers this car. Does anyone know if there is one?
  12. M

    2000 CL COUPE 5.0 Instrument Cluster

    Hi. Any known faults with these and anyone repair them. Am looking at a car next week. The owner says it has a fault wit has the cluster. Unsure of full details. Can I fit a second hand one if I can find one and does it need programming. Thanks
  13. ronwyer

    2000 E320 Poor Radio Reception

    These cars are certainly a bargain at 15 years of age. Got mine with only 99K on the clock and it runs well. The radio reception is without a doubt the worst of any motor vehicle I have ever owned. Over 20 miles from any station and forget it. There appears to e a little doo-dad that...
  14. gramey

    Replacement boot badges 2000 R129

    I've tried doing a search google but seem to have drawn a blank, I need to get my boot lid sprayed so I'm looking for replacement star emblem and SL320 badges. Is it main dealer only or does anyone know where else I can buy these or will the star boot lid emblem from another model fit? Thanks. :)
  15. DSB SL AMG

    Nikasil bore issue BMW 2000 330Ci?

    Hi Gents, I know some of you have good BMW knowledge, so, I have been offered a 2000MY 330Ci Convertible, been stored last 8 years on SORN, not sure as yet to storage condition, however genuine 15k mls only and I think has been moved occasionally...question I have is would this be a possible...
  16. Lipsylee

    W208 2000 - bas/ses / traction fault .

    Hello my clk has the traction light on , It had a replacement engine ecu and that had no vin number present which was sorted and now fine but the ses light is still on and when it was looked at that has no vin number assigned to it but it would not let us edit it so what do I need to do to sort...
  17. M

    E320cdi won't rev passed 2000

    Hi guys I just picked up a w210 e320cdi it runs and drives ok but.......... It wont rev passed 2000 revs when driving, but drives smoothly and changes up ok If revved at idle it will red line but knocks then cuts out, it then fails to start after just turns over buts sounds horribly, if...
  18. BAZ-500SL

    Mercedes e220 cdi, w210 2000 reg

    Hello guys. Got a issue with the w210, basically the car starts up fine I drive it like normal, when I leave it parked for a bit it sometimes starts up like normal, but sometimes it refuses to start, if I get it towed and attempt to start it she starts up fine, if I spray easy start in the air...
  19. anfieldassasin

    2000 E46 323ci

    Hi selling my 2000 E46 323ci Manual 5 speed Black leather sports seats with electric memory Electric mirrors Cassette head unit with 6 CD changer in boot Full service history with service book present. Last service done by me but I have made an entry in book and have receipts Since...
  20. M

    W215 2000 stereo upgrade

    Has anyone out there upgraded the stereo to a after market double din system, understand the console will need fabricating, have seen things for 2004 on but nothing for the earlier car.
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