1. B

    S320 W220 2000MY user manuals

    Right, I'm off to pick up my new (well new to me anyway) car tomorrow. About 3 hours on the train so plenty of time to read the user manual on my tablet ... but where to download one from? All the places I've tried on t'Internet appear to be fronts for downloading unwanted "security" or...
  2. jukie

    W210 E320 CDi 2000MY

    2000 Mercedes-Benz E 320 ELEGANCE 3222cc Diesel on eBay (end time 22-Oct-10 21:29:29 BST) Possibly a little overpriced for the mileage. Anyone know of Sterling? Anyone in or near Stockport? I love the colour. Looks like it's missing a rear offside jack point cover.
  3. D

    how easy to fit linguatronic to a 2000my w215 cl500

    can anyone tell me how easy and if its possible to add linguatronic to my w215 2000my cl500 it has the phone fitted but it is the fixed motorolla style handset and comand i would like to know does it have the wiring there already and is it a case of plug and play?
  4. K

    2000MY CLK Windows - Do they drop?

    Hi, I did do a search but the matter seemed unanswered? My recent purchase has a little whistle for both the windows which is quite annoying, I happened to show the car off to a friend who is a paint sprayer and he mentioned that the windows should drop. I wonder if the 'whistle' and...
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