1. S

    2002 s500L for sale.

    Regretfully, I have for sale my 2002 s500L. FSH, tested until March 2018, 150000 miles, in silver, usual extras but will include rear DVD screens and changer. Nearly new tyres all round, new brake pads front and rear, new brake discs on the front. AMG style alloys etc. Everything is good on the...
  2. T

    2002 s600

    So what do you think this left hooker would fetch in the UK. 2002 Mercedes S600 V-12, won't start, mechanic's special ONLY - $3850 About 2900 Quid! https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/2002-mercedes-swont-start/6271503614.html Tuercas Viejas
  3. M

    Lost power 2002 E220 ELegance estate

    My car has been performing beautifully , as i was accelerating earlier i heard a slight buzzing or wheezing noise , fairly faint and only upon accelerating . I was close to home but when i got to within 10 yards, NOTHING! , Engine running OK,but unable to drive forward or reverse, clearly...
  4. nick mercedes

    2002 Mercedes ML270 - £950

    ML270, loads of history, well equipped car - electric memory seats etc, pm for more details
  5. M

    W210 2002 wings needed . travertine beige code 693

    Hello,if anyone has both wings for an e class w210 2002 ,paint code 693 ,, give me a shout ? Andy 07508 849 700 Thanks
  6. C

    E270 cdi w211 2002

    Mercedes e270cdi Avantgarde 2002 (52) Here goes, it's come time to sell my w211. I have owned it since October 2015 and in that time have covered a modest 13k most of which are miles traveled too and from France. Just been serviced (service B) 1000 miles ago. MOT is due in 29 Oct 2017. it has...
  7. M

    Air Con GAS 2002 MB E220 CDi estate

    Hi, anyone know the type of refrigerant gas in AC on my car please..(no manual) R134A or R1234YF are the only 2 options , i am guessing? regards, Brian Hammonds.
  8. M

    MB E220 CDi diesel auto estate (2002)

    Hello. I am looking for bodywork paint code, this plate is under the bonnet, would it be the 952 digits or the numbers adj. to it, thanks.
  9. M

    2002, E220 CDi Elegance diesel auto estate

    Hi,are there any members driving similar vehicle , with the optional fold down seats within luggage area and battery located under rear seats , Brian
  10. G

    W203 2002 C class flashing interior lights

    Hi Newbie here, I have a C180 Komp. from 2002. Lovely car, however the interior roof lights and the bottom of the door lights flash rapidly. Won't stay on as you would expect. Another point, the indicator only stays on on right hand turns, left hand turns I have to hold it on. Is it likely...
  11. M

    Mercedes 2002 ;Diesel Auto, E220 Elegance Estate

    I have no owners manual for my car. If anyone owns similar, "Elegance 2002 model" (battery under rear seats , 2 extra fold down seats within luggage area, roof bars etc) and would be willing to photocopy , i would pay for time and effort. The manuals on EBAY and the like are too variable and...
  12. S

    C240 2.6 (2002, W203) Battery dimensions and suggestions

    The battery for my 2002 C240 Petrol (W203) is knackered and I'm trying to source a new one. I've put the car reg onto various sites and they're throwing up all sorts of options. Unfortunately, the bonnet is stuck so I can't verify the correct dimensions to ensure the new one would be a perfect...
  13. merc85

    Mercedes ML320 v6 2002 any good?

    As above, The wife who has a 2015 X-trail wants a 2nd car and Likes this ML Now i've obviously told her it's not going tobe economical at all! But still she want to go and have a look. I know Nothing about ML's, So what are these like? 2003 MERCEDES ML 320 AUTOMATIC 4X4 ** 7 SEATER ** | eBay...
  14. C

    W203, C180, 2002, 2.0L Exhaust

    Good morning all, I have recently purchased a 2002 W203, C180, 2.0L and the ehaust has started blowing. I have spoke to several different motor factors and they are saying main dealer only, I have been onto Kwickfit, Ats and places like that and they are quoting silly money for an exaust. I have...
  15. Harrington13

    e500 v8 2002 airride problem

    took my car to a mercedes specialist airride problems he changed a big orange 40 fuse airride failed again need location of this fuse thanks
  16. I

    E220 W211 2002 White/Grey Smoke

    Hello we have a e class e220 2002 in the family and it is giving out a lot of white/grey smoke. the smoke starts as soon as you start the car and gets worse as the car warms up coolant hasn't moved an inch we had it diagnosed by the following merc specialist : he said star is...
  17. merc85

    e55k w211 2002 DYNO mode??

    Hi, I cant seem to find Dyno mode on my early e55k, i know it has not got SBC H or S, as its a early car. Is there a way of getting dyno mode or not? or will just Pressing Traction control button of fallow it to be such?? Just wanted to get Brutus on the Roller's thats all.:D
  18. J

    ML270 (2002) exhaust removal

    Hi folks, Is it possible to remove the centre box and tail pipe without cutting off the tailpipe on my ML270? The tailpipe is welded to the centre section, but the replacement parts I have ordered come as two parts (They are the correct parts and will fit). A Mercedes specialist told me...
  19. R

    270CDi ML 2002 model year wiring questions.

    my ML recently blew it's trans (needle roller collapsed in the trans) so i fitted another. Prior to this the handheld scanner I have (carsoft) readout the code as P2502 . it still does despite me trying to erase it. What do Mercedes suggest could also be at fault with this code beside...
  20. mick56

    2002 320cdi throttle response.

    Good evening gentlemen.My car has a real slack spot on the throttle,it goes away down before anything happens,then does not have the feel that i think it should.I have looked under the bonnet at the cable to electronics,and there is adjustment to be had on the cable.But i am wondering if the...
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