1. unclebuck

    Looking to part ex my 220 cdi 2005 for cls 320/350

    As per title I am looking to part ex my 2005 220 cdi. It's just had a b service at Mercedes Cardiff and other work done. Has a new all round set of Pirelli p7 . I have been hankering after a cls before I got the coupe but I couldn't find one I liked or was in my price bracket.
  2. G

    W220 2005 s500L Command APS version?

    SO much conflicting information! Okay, so on my 2005 w220 s500L what version of command do I have? it has the more modern post 2003 style, BUT has the head unit cd drive hidden, you press eject and the screen moves up to reveal it. I think it's APS NTG1 BUT most of the others labeled as such...
  3. R

    CLK convertible 2005 (05) aftermarket stereo

    Hi all, as this is my first post please forgive me if I am covering old topics. It's just that I am struggling to find an alternative aftermarket stereo for my 05 CLK convertible. It is the trapezoidal stereo that is 254mm across the top and not the slightly later 260mm of which there are many...
  4. G

    W220 s500L 2005 - what version of command do I have?

    Been searching everywhere and got confused, what version is this? It has the CD drive hidden behind the screen which moves out the way.
  5. Greek God

    w211 2005 Pre Facelift

    I have a front grill and two rear light clusters (not LED) off an 05 E270 Elegance plus Audio 20 head unit and speakers if anyone is interested. sited in the NE. Any offers considered!
  6. S

    2005 CLS boot liner

    Anyone got one lying around or know where I can get one?
  7. O

    Command don't work CLS 320cdi 2005

    Hey guys, my command has stopped working properly, doesn't work sat nav and CD button is blank (see pic) i was trying to locate the fuse but can't seem to work out witch one is it for a command. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. S

    2005 Mercedes C270CDI - bluetooth cradle contact synching - HELP PLEASE! :)

    Good morning! I am hoping I might be able to ask for your expertise! I have a 54 plate Mercedes C270 CDI. I bought a bluetooth cradle (advised off MB of Bolton) off ebay. I’ve got an iPhone and I have paired the phone successfully - it can make and receive calls absolutely fine! However, the...
  9. D

    Clk270 2005 aux cable

    Hi all, I haven't got the aux cable in the glove box amd i know there is a cable available to buy and connect to the cable on passenger side door bottom, but before i start ripping off all the plastics and carpets maybe someone could tell me if i have it waiting for me there or not. Thanks a lot
  10. 5

    Need a 2005 CLS 55 amg workshop manual

    HI guys has anyone got a link for a workshop manual for the 2005 cls 55amg?
  11. M

    2005 E270 CDi Front SAM module problem

    Almost certain that the front SAM module has given up the ghost. Multiple warnings, beeps etc (SRS, ABS, speedtronic, rear brake light lights etc). Looking for guidance on replacement and repair please. Newbie - go easy on me please ;)
  12. K

    W203 C220 2005 C Class

    Hi, Please can you let me know what I need to purchase, to enable me to use the bluetooth telephone option in a W203 2005 C220 C class. Do I need just the bluetooth ECU unit (Bluetooth module 2118702726 mercedes coupe c220 w203 km05xxt 00-08 sheffield) ?
  13. K

    C220 CDI - Automatic 2005

    Hi, I've purchased a 2005 C220 CDI Automatic. The car itself is brilliant but I've been having a few issues with it, within the two days I've had it. I believe this model is a 5 gear automatic gearbox. Whenever I'm in drive and use the manual gear selections it only goes upto 4 gears -...
  14. Gareth

    Mercedes E280 CDI Sport Late 2005 W211

    Mercedes E280 CDI Sport Late 2005 W211 Saloon (Registered 25-12-05) Tealite Blue Very low mileage for year, currently on 78374 miles with very little use as I have already purchased its replacement, next service due in approximately 8,000 miles Only one previous owner, I have owned it for the...
  15. rossy

    Wanted 2005 - 2006 55-06 CLS55

    OK on the look out for a 55 plate or newer CLS 55 AMG. Ideally registered before 23 Martch 06. Bothered more about history and maintainance than miles... I.e. dont mind higher miles if its been well looked after and its shows. Thanks
  16. U

    2005 CLK 270 Cdi fuel issues

    Hi all, can you help. I have a low mileage CLK 270 Cdi with fsh. Had the car serviced about 3 months ago and having used the car for work (125 mile round trip) it wouldn't start, but eventually the RAC got it going. A week later same thing, but this time wouldn't start and the garage found air...
  17. Gbrowncls55

    2005 sl 350 command nav graphics

    I have a 2005 (55) sl350 with full command. I also have a cls55 with the same system and used to have a 2004 E500 also with the same system. However the nav graphics in both the E500 and cls were / are far far superior to the SL even thoughthey are the same system and the SL between the other...
  18. J

    2005 clk 180 kompressor

    Hi guys, Just new here and lookin a bit of help. Got a car here that has no compression on (from fan) cylinder 3&4. I've been told it's bent valves?? Only running on 1&2. Big job, many tools needed to do, cost if left in some where??
  19. K

    Have I bought the wrong Merc? (2005 CLK350)

    Hello everyone, brand new to the forum and would welcome any advise. Just acquired a 2005 CLK350 for what i thought was good money with 87k miles... That was until I noticed the "balance shaft issues due to defective sprockets/parts that wear out prematurely. Hands up, should have done my...
  20. M

    Will CLK 270CDI 2005 factory stereo fit in CLK 270CDI 2003?

    Hi Everyone, I have a CLK 270 CDI Elegance Auto and want to change the factory stereo. I have seen some 2005 versions of the stereo on ebay, but I just want to know if they will fit and work in my car? Both my car and the 2005 model are the same build I think. Both are W209.
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