1. 4

    w204 c220 cdi 2009 DPF off

    Hello all. I want to DPF off the car . So far I have the ECU file with DPF off ready to be flashed .But what should I do before that?? After that do I have to remove the DPF from the car?? Thanks in advance
  2. David404

    W211 (2009) Electrically folding wing mirror issue

    W211 (2009) Electrically folding wing mirror issue Both mirrors fold in perfectly, no problem at all. The NS mirror folds out fine but the OS mirror is stiff. It tries and gets about half way before giving up. To get it to fold out all the way it needs a gentle push at the same time as the...
  3. Jalalul

    Wiring Diagram For Starter 2009 C200 Cdi Auto

    Has anyone got a wiring diagram or know where I can go to get one For the starter on a c200 cdi auto 2009
  4. P

    RHD/LHD front light conversion 2009 ML 320CDI Sport

    Hi I'm in Spain at the moment and am likely to be here for a while. I am obliged to register the car after 6 months. This means I need to change the direction of my front lights to pass their ITV. What is the best way of going about that? Thanks Pum
  5. N

    FoR SaLe – 2009 (59plate) SMART (451) BRABUS Xclusive 1.0 Turbo - £5k oNo

    For Sale is my 2009 (59plate) SMART (451) BRABUS Xclusive (facelift Top Spec version) finished in Metallic Silver with Black Panoramic Roof. 1.0 litre 3cylinder Turbo engine, which feels/ sounds great to drive & is extremely Economical ! Mileage is 50k & the engine is in EXCELLENT...
  6. R

    Headlight for e350 2009 coupe

    Hi can anyone tell me what the difference is between a headlight with the part number A207 820 06 39 and a headlight with the part number A207 820 02 59. I need a driver side headlight for a E350 coupe 2009 and would like to buy a used one as a new one is 1000 plus. The part number i need is...
  7. si.

    2009 w204 aircon issue.

    hi all. my w204 2009 c220 started playing up the other day... during the brief warm weather spell we had I was using my aircon pretty much 100%. I noticed that the air coming from the vents wasn't as cold as I usually was and planned to get it checked out... yesterday after reading lots on these...
  8. E

    2009 W211 E280 CDi Crankshaft Sensor

    I have fault codes DTC 2045 and 2043 coming up as Crankshaft sensor no signal. Does anyone know where the sensor is located on my 2009 E280 CDi estate Thank you
  9. D

    Connecting Phone Via Bluetooth on 2009 CLC

    Hi I have a 2009 CLC. How do I connect my phone to the car!? It says 'tel bluetooth ready' but I can't seem to figure out what to do after that. The manual doesn't seem to say either. Thanks.
  10. BlackC55

    2009 Mercedes C63 estate for sale

    Mercedes Benz C63 AMG estate | eBay C63 for sale, for any further info please just PM me
  11. V

    2009 CLC Parking Dash Indicator replace

    Hi, hoping someone can help. Noticed today the the left (led?) of the parking distance indicator on the middle dash has gone kaput. Does anyone know if this is an easy fix and how if possible? I've searched tinterweb high and low and found nothing. It's not a massive problem as the right side...
  12. BlackC55

    2009 Mercedes C63 estate for sale

    Mercedes Benz C63 AMG estate | eBay This is Jacks car at Prestige. If anyone wants any futher info please PM on here or phone the workshop on 02392570123
  13. T

    2009 E500 coupe H/L cracked

    Morning All I noticed that my drivers side headlight cover is cracked, do I need to replace whole thing or can I just change the cover?? thanks Teresa:dk:
  14. P

    S211 2009 Tailgate trim removal help

    Hi all I need to remove the tailgate trim on the inside of the car. I need to replace wiper motor. Anyone know how I do it, before I do my usual thing and break something???
  15. stwat

    2009 Mercedes C63 P30

    [YOUTUBE HD]PKuRTTNhWmE&feature=em-u[/YOUTUBE HD] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKuRTTNhWmE&feature=em-uploademail&ab_channel=TheSmokingTire
  16. R

    2009 (59) e350 cdi amg sport

    Mercedes benz e350 cdi amg sport up for sale my mercedes e350 which breaks my heart to have to sell as i really do still love this car but a house purchase is on the cards so needs must it has covered 72000 miles (and will increase as still in use) and has full service history from...
  17. N

    Hidden / Engineering Menu 2009 W204 C320 sport CDI

    Not another hidden commands thread?? I've looked through mages and pages of threads, but none of the commands to get into the engineering menus on my car work... I've tried: 1. Engineering mode with keys hangup + 6 + * 2. Dealer menu with keys hangup + 7 + 9 Any ideas?? Do they...
  18. L

    M273 v8 - 2009 w211 e500

    Good afternoon, I am looking at a 2009 E500 with the 5.5l M273 in it. I know that some had idler gear issues but it seems to suggest that was only until 2008. It may be that 2009 was the last of the line and actually that is what they meant? Does anybody know if the issue was rectified...
  19. Wacko74

    2009 ML Judder

    Ok guys and gals, time for your expertise I've noticed from time to time when I'm stationary in traffic the car starts to judder when I've got my foot on the brake It starts off mild and gradually gets worse over say 10-seconds If I switch to park or neutral it obviously stops and if I...
  20. D

    Mercedes C320 2009 3 litre V6 with sports pack (including winter wheel set) - pristin

    MERCEDES C320 SPORT CDI A, GREY, 2009, Mercedes, C Class, Grey, 2009, 45000 miles, 4 doors, Saloon, Automatic, Diesel, 3L V6, ABS, Alarm, immobiliser, alloy wheels, CD player, central locking, electric folding mirrors, electric windows, heated seats, power steering, radio, satelite navigation...
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