1. T

    CLK 200K Convertible Wanted

    Hi All On the lookout for a Black CLK convertible around the 2008 onwards if you're looking at selling. I would like a black interior as well please. LMK what you have Thanks Steve
  2. Markssl

    My wonderful Merc on 200k miles.

    The best car I've ever owned. It's a 7 seat people carrier, a van, a limo and just great to drive!! Roll on the next 200k Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. D

    Can I buy a spade terminal for the jump start connector on my 200k?

    Hi I own an 18 year old 200k which I don't use much and like to keep on trickle charge in a barn in the Winter. Rather than remove the A/C filter and battery cover I normally apply the charger crock clips to a decent ground and the positive to the 'jump start' terminal inside the red flip top...
  4. dynamicq

    2005 C class w203 200k+ miles

    I had this car for almost 30000 miles. Very looked after it. A lot of suspension arms replaced. Track rods. The gearbox had oil changed. Fuel filters were changed every 5000 miles. The engine runs like a clock. Ignition sparks were replaced. The aux belt was replaced. The car has a rear view...
  5. C

    Mercedes CLK 200K Low Miles

    Hi all, Been on this site for a few years and have now decided to finally sell my Mercedes CLK 200 Kompressor. 2004 54 plate with only 70,163 miles on the clock. Full MB service history, long MOT and a faultless car with plenty of extras: Leathers and an automatic gearbox to begin with...
  6. zenman63

    C Class coupe 200k for sale

    The old C Class has to go n the new year. 2004, MY05 with face lift dash etc. Fully rebuilt head with new timing chain and sprockets all mb parts. Refurbished alloys all genuine AMG 171 staggered with new Falcon tyres fitted. Full service history and piles of invoices etc. Phone wiring so...
  7. I

    w209 CLK 200K, transmission issues

    Hi there, I'm looking for a bit of advice if possible from the knowledgable folks on this form :) I have a couple of issues on my CLK, possibly related. 1. When the car is cold and you put it in drive or reverse, there is a bit of extra 'tug' and judder when held on the brake. This...
  8. L

    W204 200k - Fault Codes 3539 & 2188

    Hi there, Newbie on this forum here. I have a 2008 C-Class 200k (1.8 kompressor). The engine management light recently came on and the car is now underpowered and struggles to go above 60 on the motorway. I took it to my local dealer and they found the fault codes:3539 - the boost...
  9. Aletank

    200k Miles in 31 Months

    Always amazes me these high mileage young cars Would love to know who buys them and what problems / things they need to replace over the next 3/4 years once into "normal" 10k miles per year ownership. Mercedes-Benz E Class 2.1 E250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Avantgarde 7G-Tronic Plus 4dr (start/stop)
  10. zenman63

    C Class coupe 200k for sale

    We are selling the C Class, I have spent lots restoring this and it stands out from the rest. New cam timing gears and chain with followers etc New head gasket Rebuilt head new valves etc New brakes all round rebuilt callipers and new discs. New refurbish AMG 18" alloys New tyres all round...
  11. S

    55 mercedes clk 200k how much is it worth?

    Hi thanks for taking the time to read and reply to this thread. I have a Mercered CLK 200k Avantgarde Silver with 74k Miles on the clock and full service history. I have also fitted a Full Amg styling kit like the sport models have. Now its time to sell it and move on but how much is it...
  12. T

    New W203 200k owner

    Hi folks Just got a 200k after owning a w124. Pretty much clean car. 100k with FSH. I've only put up a few 100 miles but is great to drive and has a nice bit of power. Looking forward to good advice etc. I'm in Dublin ROI, so any other Irish here? Rory
  13. K

    Black 560 SEL: 200K miles

    http://classiccars.brightwells.com/viewdetails.php?id=5767 200k miles, red velour interior. One handsome automobile and the spec of choice for Count Dracula with that colour combo. A fitting tribute purchase for the late Christopher Lee, I think. The ad says "no reserve" but you'll...
  14. B

    200K or 320?

    Hello everyone! As a non-Mercedes person I'm here to get some valuable advice for my next purchase. Been driving Hondas and VW all my previous life, so not a lot of knowledge about MBs. At the moment I'm looking for a car for wife (main role as 2nd car), so I'm not considering diesels as car...
  15. perryclk

    new front shocks for w209 200k

    hi my 2007 CLK 200k, has a leaking front shock, what is a good quality replacement and how much should i expect to pay a MB specialist to replace the two front shocks? thanks
  16. J

    W211 e220 with over 200 thou on the clock?

    I'm looking at purchasing an e220 at the moment you can pick up a few bargain facelift models with over 200k on the clock. However I'm very skeptical of high mileage cars although ive never owned one. Does anyone have any experience with high mileage E220's? what should I look out for? What are...
  17. D

    cls320cdi with 200k

    Hi Guys- looking for some buying advice if possible. been tempted with an 06 plate cls320cdi with nearly 200k on the clock- yeah 200k. so you know the question- is it worth the risk ? does anyone have a cls or any merc with that kind of mileage on the go. I already have a b class as a...
  18. Clogdiver

    Thermostat C209 200K

    I was going to take a look at swapping out my thermostat because I can do 25 miles and the heater never gets hot and the display never goes above 40. Has anyone seen a fault like this? Is it normal for CLK 2006 200K to be so slow to get hot? When I change it, is there anything to look out...
  19. T

    Servicing Sheet SLK 200K

    Hi all Hope the enclosed service sheet is of interest to some of you! After lots of research this seems to be the simplest. The only query is the Auto Box Fluid change as MB seem confused. It would appear to be sensible and do a partial change at 50K mls. with a new filter and electronic...
  20. J

    Clk 200k 2008clicking noise from aroundd the automatic gearbox

    Sorry to be vague but my car has developed a clicking noise as you drive it slow any suggestion plz
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