1. The _Don

    The hypercar holy trinity 200mph challenge

    A fool and his £..... http://www.autovivendi.com/events/the-hypercar-holy-trinity-200mph-challenge/
  2. dan-mb

    Lamborghini Huracan Motorway crash 200mph+

    What a waste of a Lambo...hope the occupants were ok. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHp3jqRj-jg
  3. smoothcoupe

    w211 E55 200mph clocks

    Hi. 200mph wanted cash waiting.
  4. smoothcoupe

    2003 e55 200mph clock??

    Hi guys. Can a later type 200mph clock be fitted to my car and if so what is the cost of this and is there anyone who can do this for me.. cheers.
  5. Mat B

    Wanted: w211 e55 200mph speedo, uprated headers

    Hi all I'm am looking for a 200mph speedo for my w211 e55 And on the off chance someone is changing their after market headers those too :) Many thanks Matt
  6. KillerHERTZ

    BRABUS GLK V12 - Press Release - Over 200Mph!

    BRABUS GLK V12 = 322.3 km/h from 750 hp / 552 kW World Debut at the DUBAI INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW The World's Fastest Street-Legal SUV Dubai, December 11th, 2009 With a top speed of 322.3 km/h (200.3 mph) the BRABUS GLK V12 has set a new speed record for street-legal SUVs on the Italian...
  7. A

    200mph+ car returning 70mpg

    http://www.autotrader.co.uk/EDITORIAL/CARS/news/hot_200mph_british_sportscar_with_70mpg.html discuss!
  8. karl.w

    Techart 997 Turbo, Murcielago + 200mph = ?

    Teachart Porsche. Here's how it looked before the accident..
  9. P

    160mph speedo change to 200mph

    I have 03' E55 that came with the 160mph speedometer...i've seen couple of 05-06 model with 200mph speedometer..i was wondering where i could get it...i went to a dealer and ask the part guy and he said it cant be done.. any help? thanks...
  10. Maff

    200mph +

    Hi Guys, Not been about much (well, at all) recently, new business has taken all my time, plus the wedding, and my other half being ill as well, but now just about back and catching up with the forum!! Anyway, to the point, I had the pleasure of driving back from Germany a couple of weeks...
  11. R

    SL55 - 200MPH instrument cluster for sale

    Hiya Ive got around to putting my SL55 cluster on ebay. Im pretty sure that this can be put on any SL, its got "0" miles on it, but it was installed in my last SL55 .. Im also sure the dealer will have to code it to get the right mileage on it, and the right menus [although that SL55...
  12. R

    SL55 200mph cluster for sale

    Hi, I'm selling a SL55 cluster (200 MPH), which came out of my SL55 when it was absolutely brand new, when the dealer was trying to find a fault - which was something completely different. This will go nicely in a SL350 or SL500, it will need coding by the dealer to tell it your chassis...
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