1. S

    I just got a lovely w123 200T

    very pleased with it, drives so elegantly,, just a few little niggles that I'm sure all you lovely people can help me with, ill see you in the tech section soon
  2. D

    w123 37k 200t estate i think 7 seater on ebay

    1984 Mercedes-Benz 200 T Estate 6 seater | eBay
  3. I

    200t W124, modest keeper?

    This might be a nice thing to use and cherish if it came at 1000? Mercedes 200 T Auto Estate E200, Rare Low Miles | eBay
  4. I

    200T, 300D and 250L all W123 Possibly 116 and 124

    Hi All, After more than a year of kidding myself that I'd get round to making this trio something to be proud of, I've been forced to admit to myself that I don't have the time or the space, which is a great pity for me if not for my wife. I really need to sell three or four cars to get some...
  5. A

    W124 200T for sale

    Hi people, Im offering my 200T estate for sale. Its in totaly standard condition with a genuine 70k on the clock. The car had full MB service history untill it went into dry storage from the previous owner. It has everything in it from new including the sterio and first aid kit. When I baught...
  6. A

    1988 200t

    1988 200T for sale in blue, 64k mls. Just spent around £1500 on the sls and all rear bushes, control arms, sub frame bushes, under sealed. Anyone with seriouse intrest give me a shout. Andy
  7. A

    200t tow bar

    has anyone attempted to fit one DIY ? as the local firm wants £270. Be interested how the DIY project went
  8. A

    W124 200T speedo

    Hi chaps, had lots of fun with the speedo. Took it to bits and fixed the loose wheels which worked but i must have disturbed the brass sprink coil thing under the needle as its way out. After taking it to bits 4 times I think its finaly dead (10mph out, clicking and bouncy needle). Does anyone...
  9. A

    w124 200t 1988 sls ride height

    Hi people, Ive just had all of the rear of my car rebuilt which is good but the ride height seems huge now at the rear. Can anyone tell me the correct height and how do I adjust it ??
  10. L

    Greetings from a Hearse Owner

    Hi guys,My names Lee,I live in west London :D Im a recent convert to Mercedes and now the owner of a 1984 Mercedes Benz 200 Hearse and love it to bits despite the endless problems its giving me :confused: I was actually after a Mk1 Granada but then the Mercedes came along and im now hooked :D...
  11. W

    w123, 200T, parts

    :)hi everyone, i m restoring my w123 200T and have been buying many new rubber seals, strips and other parts. as i m in malaysia problems in sourcing wagon specific parts was encountered. does any one know who in UK or US carries a near complete range of these parts eg. loading bay rubber...
  12. A

    Drone from the back of an 84 200T

    Hi everyone. Recent convert to all things Merc. I have an 84 200T which is very sound, but has been used for towing heavy gear by the previous owner. There is a drone from the back which sounds like the diff. It is the same whether I am in gear or coasting, so I guess not the propshaft. I have...
  13. G

    W123 Estate 200T - Price Advice

    I'm thinking of buying a W123 200T estate, 'A' regsitered in 1984 with 70,000 miles on the clock. Champagne Gold with a manual sunroof and everthing else as standard I believe. 3 keepers. AVERAGE CONDITION. It has a couple of small dents in it and some very minor rust but is running well...
  14. M

    Lowering a 200t estate MB

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but i'm hoping that you guys can help me as i've been reading some of the forum and been very useful to me. I have a 200t Estate MB 1987 i'm planning to get it lowered but was wondering where to buy the springs from. I've just tried Euro Car Parts and they said...
  15. Z

    1988 200T engine replacement camchain problem

    Hi All, Thanks again for the help with the previous question. My new question is: the donor engine I have got is a single camchain and my engine has a double. Can I change ove to a single camchain system and will the pump for the self leveling suspension still fit onto the front of the...
  16. Z

    1988 200T, engine recondition question

    Hi All, I have to change the engine in my 200t 2.0L as one cylinder is damaged. Can I use a standard engine block and my own cylinder head. The camshaft in the 200t is heaver than the saloon version I think this is to accomadate the self leveling suspension pump but I am not sure. I have...
  17. Ian B Walker

    Stearing Box W124 200T

    I have to change the box on my 200T as there is too much play in it. I have attempted to adjust it but with no positive result (Still had 2 inches of play at the wheel) Before anyone recommends checking the knuckles on all the rods, new rods fitted in the last 10 days. So My question...
  18. Ian B Walker

    Sluggish 200T

    I have a 200T which accelerates like a slug. Naught to 60......6 weeks or so it seems. I have checked the timing, CO2 (set at 3.5) Plugs, Air Cleaner etc. Even topped up the dashpot. Can anyone give me an incling what may be wrong. The engine has 166K on it and Compression is good, it uses no...
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