1. D

    2017 C43 Remap

    Hi. Just joined the forum. I see this was covered last year but thought I'd see if anyone has any new pearls. Recently bought C43. Looking for added performance. Torn between re-map by DMS or Brabus PowerXtra B30-410. DMS quote better performance and more reasonable price. Brabus offers the...
  2. Real Merc Man

    Mercedes Navigation Update COMAND APS 2017 DVD A219 827 24 00

    Mercedes-Benz Navigation Update DVD's For COMAND APS Europe 2017 Part number A219 827 24 00 Version 15 For use with sales code 81P/502 States Comand software update 09/29 is necessary to use this Update. I purchased this to update my new C Class in error as I need a USB stick Update...
  3. D

    W213 (2017) iPhone OIS 10 stream problems

    Hi there maybe someone can comment on my issue? phone is a 6SE with IOS 10.3.2 and pairs without a problem. Phone calls seem working as well, but streaming is my problem. At time the car screen shows the stream as paused and at other times it shows it as playing but no sound comes out of...
  4. F

    Supercars of London - Summer 2017

  5. M

    Mercedes Maybach S400 2017

    2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class vs 2017 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Comparison The new 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class celebrates its world première with extensive innovations at the Auto Shanghai. Among the highlights is an all-new and highly efficient engine range with a series of new technologies for...
  6. =Stretch=

    Becker Map Pilot update 2017

    £80.00 download for Europe and the entire estate I live near in UK is still not on the map. WTF! Come on why bother.
  7. T

    2017 Bianchi Freccia Celeste - 53mm - Alu-Carbon Mens Road Bike

    As much as it pains me to do this i'm putting my 2017 Bianchi Freccia Celeste up for sale as not being the fittest guy I find the race geometry a little too aggressive for me, I need a more racing endurance setup like my old Via Nirone was. Full info on this model can be found here if you're...
  8. m.b-amg

    New 2017 AMG C43 alloys and tyres

    I'm selling my 2017 full set of 18" AMG alloys only 6 weeks old, with Bridgestone Potenza rubbers all round. Tyre size is front 225/45/18 and rear 245/40/18 No marks wheels are as new. Come with the new design 2017 hub centre caps. Wheels will be removed end of next week. See picture of wheels...
  9. m.b-amg

    New member with 2017 coupe

    Hi all just joined I picked up a 2017 c class coupe fully loaded.
  10. 2

    W213 E Coupe 2017 help Android auto

    I have a new demo e coupe with std 8 inch screen and love the car.... Nice shape... However I thought I would be able to get Android auto or apple app on the car but dealer confirmed to me today it's only if I went for the 12inch full command option.... Which I didn't. Is there anyway to get it...
  11. MissyD

    gtg at Matching Green, Nr Harlow Sunday 2nd July 2017

    We are booked in at the Matching Green Classic and Sports Car Show on Sunday 2nd July 2017 at Matching Green, Nr Harlow, Essex CM17 OPZ, we have a parking area for approx 10 cars, fancy popping along, please add your names below, thanks 01 Richard Hinds 02 MissyD 03 Quick Silver 04...
  12. Frankor

    Towbar - E220 AMG Line 2017 (W213)

    Has anyone here had an aftermarket towbar fitted to a E220 AMG Line W213 (2017)? I can't seem to find any info relating to this car. I removed the towbar from my E220 W212 (2014) and at first glance appears to be the same re brackets and fittings. It may be the issue is the bumper guard will...
  13. F

    Supercars of London - Spring 2017

  14. F

    Midlands meet! June/July 2017

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum but I've been a Mercedes owner for a few years now. I currently own a W202 C250 project which will be going down the "superturbo" route (mech pump, giant turbo) and I also own a 1993 500 SEC (remodeled as CL500 a few years later) which is my daily driver. I have...
  15. gigdesigns

    Bridgestone Potenza S001 on W205 C250

    I recently took delivery of my new W205 C250 saloon and drove out to the airport for holiday, which meant driving a stretch of the M25 between the A3 and M23. A large portion of the motorway is concrete instead of the normal black tarmac. Boy oh boy do I get a lot of tyre roar on the concrete...
  16. Red C220

    2017 Audi S6 Avant

    The E class replacement arrived today. I know it would have looked awesome as a black edition but there were just too many components of the package that I didn't want. So I'm probably going to wrap the chrome around the windows and the roof rails black. The chrome strip on the boot...
  17. G

    Trax 2017

    Was going to ask if there was going to be a club stand but just noticed they have moved it to October???really almost guaranteed to be pissing down and cold ...shame was looking forward to bringing thunderbird 1 out to play
  18. mark44

    Mercedes gullwing 2017

    Was just talking to a guy in a motor spares shop who was telling me his neighbour had just got a new mercedes gull wing. I assumed it was an sls, but he said it was a 17 plate. A quick google produced this Mercedes-Benz Brings The Gullwing Back For 2017! Does anyone have any more details?
  19. FateSynchro

    Wörthersee 2017

    Anyone doing that this year? I've just booked up last minute as a rush to get myself there, doing Dover to Dunkirk and then up towards Stutgart for an overnighter. Moving from Stutgart to Wörthersee and then having 5 nights near the lake before heading back and staying in Nurburg for a night...
  20. AMGeed

    Getting ready for BOTG 2017

    Nice day, so made a start on the engine bay in readiness for this weekends BOTG meeting. Washedthe body and added Sonax BDS as well, but that will be done again Friday.
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