1. S

    Sorry looking 205 C

    Poor car, and potentially poor new owner. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332241603420 Notice how the airbag in the steering wheel looks replaced too. Looks like it's seen some action.
  2. rangy

    205 c class 250d sport,conversion to c63

    I have purchased a C Class 205 250d Sport 2015 (bought outright 3 months old) I was not happy with it,the trim was a disgrace coming from Mercedes with its fake exhaust trim and see this on lots of models. However,I thought i would change the look myself,so i did some research and came up with...
  3. S

    w/s 205 1.6d views?

    Hi folks - I may just stretch to a 1.6D sport estate new..... without suggesting the 220D which is outside of my budget, does anyone have any real world experience of mpg/economy - driving experience of the 1.6D - either saloon or estate - cheers manual? auto etc....
  4. Happytalk73

    205 C Class estate available to lease.

    As some of you know I've been excited the last few months about taking delivery of a 205 C Class on a personal lease. I was given some concerning news at Dumfries hospital on Monday that makes the future somewhat uncertain. (The details are irrelevant as I'm not one for much fuss ;)) With this...
  5. B

    Peugeot 205 one owner from new

    My mother in law is selling her pug as it seldom gets used now. Any love for these? Very genuine one owner car in lovely condition. Link below. 1994 PEUGEOT 205 JUNIOR BLUE in Excellent Condition, Single Owner | eBay Cheers. Tom
  6. G

    Speaker rattle with Burmeister on new 205 C Class

    Hi all, I mentioned this in passing in my other thread about lights, trims etc. Basically, my new C-Class arrived just before Christmas and it's lovely but for a few niggles. One of them? The front right speaker in the driver door (the lovely metal finish one) rattles. It only does so on...
  7. G

    New member with incoming C-Class 205. I have questions :)

    Hello all, I ordered my first ever Mercedes a couple of weeks ago - I've been driving Audi A4's for almost 12 years now and I'm really looking forward to a change. As the spec I wanted was in stock at another dealer, they put it on a transporter and I was due to pick it up yesterday...
  8. Merty

    Tyre Question 225 to 205

    Hello Guys, Just a quick one, I need to change my tyres at the front and i have 225 55 16 - 99 on them atm but a friend of mine has 205 55 16 -91 on them - would i be able to fit his ones one mine, would it take any effect ?
  9. L

    New C Class (205) I wonder if........

    ... they have improved the 4 pot diesel engines and sound proofing. There are plenty of posts (me included) which are critical of the noisy 200/220 and cabin noise
  10. tonyc280

    205 60 15 tyres wanted

    As above please with plenty of tread, thanks, T.
  11. crockers

    Volvo V60 D5 205 bhp geartronic

    Has anyone got any experience of these. Seen one I like the look of but before trekking to view was wondering has anyone driven / owned one? Just getting nervous of my MB. I get the feeling auto shut off valve may be going again. Getting some stuttering. Also had all the brake alerts go off then...
  12. Marvin16x

    What tyres does this 190E have on?

    Hey folks, I have a 190E 2.3 and we both are getting ready for summer! :cool: Yesterday I finally snatched a bunch of original 16x8J 15-holes on ebay. Click to see them Now it's time to look for some suitable tyres. Thought of 205/50 or 205/45 or even 215/40, but I can't say I would...
  13. KillerHERTZ

    W205 C63 AMG Spyshots

    2014 Mercedes C-Class W205 full body prototype first spy photos Wowzers, it doesnt seem that long since I posted up the very 1st W204 photo The shape of the panel covering the grille on the front fascia hints that this aspect may be a little more oval than on its predecessor. Of what we...
  14. N

    16" 8 hole alloys with bolts & good 205 50 16 tyres

    7½J 16 ET51 from a W140 with MB part # 140 400 03 02. These were on a W124 E320T. Consider the tyres thrown in but FYI they are shod with 2 decent Avon ZV5s & 2 decent Pirelli P6000s. May do someone as winter wheels. £200 cash on collection from near Reading. P6000s
  15. B

    Tyres up sizing from 205 to 225

    Can any one tell me what difference up sizing my tyres from 205 55 r16 to 225 55 r16 would make to the ride or performance to a c class w203 mercedes, having spent thousands already , I don't want to spend more on new alloys. 205 55 16 is the original set up.
  16. Godot

    Bentley Supersports Ice Speed Record 2011 (205 mph)

  17. bennesspipers

    Will 195 tyres fit on 205 rims & look ok ?

    Will 195 65 15 tyres fit on wheels described as 205 tyre width ,50 aspect ratio,15 rim diameter & look ok, or pathetically too narrow ? Anyone tried it ? I'd be reluctant to buy any 205 tyres because iv only recently bought new 195 michelins.
  18. S

    205 55 16 rear P600 Tyre

    I am after a new or part worn pirelli P600 205 55 16.
  19. A

    Sorry Guys for posting this in here ( Clarion' fitted into a 1991 Peugeot 205 car)

    Sorry Guys, I know I am not suppose to post this in MB Forum. I tried to find a forum for Peugot but i din't like it as much as I like MB forum. I have been helped before when I had issues with my Merc C180. This time I want your help with a Radio fitted to my Bosses car which is 1991 reg...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Medion Go PAL 205 Satellite Navigation £59!!!

    You have to be quick! - Easter TESCO amazing deal! LINKY Also, £100 off a digtial SLR camera! LINKY
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