1. W

    CLK 208 Roof Problem

    This is my first post. I have bought a 2003 CLK 320 recently. The roof opens only with a helping hand at the start to get it past the first bend in the frame. When first opened at the the front catch it pops up about 10-15 cm and then the back bits sort themselves out. However, when the...
  2. C

    manual procedure for softop clk 208

    hello Here i wrote the manual procedure for softop clk 208 I'm french so it is french langage:rolleyes: sorry If it can help somebody ....
  3. R

    Mercedes CLK 208 ABS, BAS AND ASR lights on problem

    Mercedes CLK 208 ABS, BAS AND ASR lights on problem The ABS, BAS AND AS warning lights have come on my Mercedes CLK 320 convertible a 1999 W208 model. They were intermittent at first and now on all the time. I have done the quick fix of steering wheel calibration and break light switch...
  4. M

    Mercedes 124 208 202 designo steering wheel

    Mercedes 208 124 202 210 designo wood and leather steering wheel to small cracks marks look at photos offers please
  5. M

    Mercedes 208 clk headlight switch problem

    Hello, after turning engine off and removing key, the dash says lights on, the switch is off, however the number plate lights and the dash lights stay on. Removed fuses does not make any difference. Change the headlight/ lights switch? or the feed to the number plate light is damaged somewhere...
  6. W

    Sprinter 208 "pinking" help needed

    My first post so hopefully in the correct place Recently replaced the fuel leak off valve ? At end of high pressure fuel line and all 4 injectors all was well for first few hundred miles then engine started to make a noise best way I can describe it is a pinking noise at first very low level...
  7. M

    Breaking clk 208 2001 y reg clk 320 99

    Breaking 2 complete cars both 744 brilliant silver and good condtion small parts can be posted located in gravesend kent
  8. M

    Mercedes clk 208 2001

    Hi all breaking a 2001 clk coupe 230 k all parts available
  9. Kamisuma

    Wanted: Clk 208 Wind Deflector

    I am after a CLK 208 Wind Deflector if anyone has one for a reasonable price. The colour is unimportant Thanks
  10. D

    CLK 208 cabriolet Bose

    Evening I have no sound coming out of my bose sound system even though the head unit seems to function ok Does anyone know where the bose amp is on a clk convertible? Any other tips on maybe how to restore some tunes? Thank you very much
  11. M

    Mercedes 208 clk gear stick auto tip

    Hi need a gearstick for a 2001 reg clk tiptronic thanks stew
  12. C

    Clk 208 rear headrests

    Hi guys dose anybody on here knows how to release the rear headrests on clk208 want to take them off to restore I can't get them to release doing my head in:wallbash
  13. D

    another w124 coupe with 210 or 208 kit

    mercedes 300 ce | eBay WHY!!!
  14. D

    CLK 208 mudflaps

    Apparently these are no longer available from the dealer, I only want genuine ones, does anyone know of a source other than eBay? Thanks a lot P.s., non amg version
  15. m2287

    208 210 202 genuine AMG speedo cluster

    Genuine 2001 CLK55 AMG speedo. Should fit in a 202 or 210 as far as I know but double check first please! £200 (these are £300 on eBay)
  16. s2oty

    Clk 208 Pixel replacement

    The two small side pixels on the clk430 were both dead so I priced up having them replaced. I was quoted £180 by my indy, £60 if I took the car to akspeedo.com or £15 from akspeedo fir the bits to diy. They have the process on youtube so I thought I would give it a bash. Well I must say...
  17. B

    SLK 208 Service Reset (171)

    I have just purchased a SLK280 (171 model) & have given it a full service...I have looked on you tube etc & the methods they show to reset the service indicator don't work..any ideas? Many thanks
  18. s2oty

    Clk430 208 flat spot - intermittent fault

    I don't drive the CLK very much but a wee run today has unearthed an odd problem. The car runs perfectly, but every now and again after I kick it down for a bit of speed, it seems to after that have a massive flat spot before it picks up. It idels fine it just seems as tho there's a 5 second...
  19. s2oty

    Mercedes 208 clk boot cabrio vs coupe

    I'm sure the answer to this is no: Would a cabrio boot fit a coupe? The boot on my 2001 208 clk430 is shot to bits and I have seen a very decent cabrio replacement... I guess there arnt the same tho?! Scott
  20. T

    clk 208 boot lid

    Hi everyone, i bought a 2001 clk convertible at the weekend which i am very pleased with however i'm having difficulty in opening the boot. The salesman opened it on saturday but i had great difficulty when i got it home. Eventually i did get it open with the key as the switch seems not to be...
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