1. R

    Replacing W209 CLK Comand 2.0e with aftermarket head

    When our 2003 CLK's Comand screen failed, I sent it to be repaired by Maple Audio. Unfortunately when it needed a further warranty repair, Hermes lost the parcel in transit, so I decided to fit a more up to date radio/GPS unit instead. I chose a Windows CE-based 7 inch touchscreen...
  2. AnilS

    AUDI 2.0E COUPE (Automatic) (1995)

    My Uncle's car is for sale, if anyone might be interested;) Audi : AUDI 2.0E COUPE (Automatic)
  3. Alfie

    COMAND 2.0E DX for sale A163 820 36 89 with MY01 applied.

    I have one ML COMAND for sale with part number A163 820 36 89. MY01 update already applied. Unit is fully tested, fully functional, warrantied and comes from a 2003 ML. This unit will fit easily into any ML (W163 shape). It is also the ideal unit for anyone wishing to install COMAND into...
  4. Alfie

    Teleatlas CD's compatibility with COMAND 2.0E

    Does anyone know if the DX series of Teleatlas Cd's work in a COMAND 2.0E model number A208 820 44 89? What is the most comprehensive Teleatlas CD I should get for the above COMAND? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  5. R

    NEW Comand 2.0E for CLK W209 for sale

    I have purchased a brand new and still boxed (only opened briefly for photo)Comand 2.0E that was destined for a CLK 500 which was wrecked before it could be fitted.I purchased it thinking I could fit it to my CLK320 W208 99 model and have just been informed by Steve NL of aftermarket-fitment...
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