1. C

    W203, C180, 2002, 2.0L Exhaust

    Good morning all, I have recently purchased a 2002 W203, C180, 2.0L and the ehaust has started blowing. I have spoke to several different motor factors and they are saying main dealer only, I have been onto Kwickfit, Ats and places like that and they are quoting silly money for an exaust. I have...
  2. J

    MB Diesel Engine-615. 2.0l or 2.2l

    I bought a 1970 Mercedes 280 CE (Coupe) to obtain a few parts and this was in the engine compartment. I contacted the previous owner, who is a mechanical engineer, who rebuilt this unit but found it underpowered for the coupe and started a rebuild of a 2.8l He claims to have done less than 100...
  3. D

    W203 2.0l coupe

    Does anyone know where I can get a workshop manual for my car. Im looking at knowing where I can find my fuel pump and testing it? The fuse is alright in the boot but when I turn the ignition on there is no noise and at the injector rail there is no pressure so I'm guessing I have a problem...
  4. H

    2.0L engine for my 190e

    Am after a good 2.0L engine for my 1989 mercedes 190e if anyone has one please? :thumb:
  5. G

    2.0L W201 190E with M102.962 help the new guy!

    Hello Guys and Gals Im very new here! Actually just joined so a "Hello to all" :o I hope you guys can help me out! :thumb: I m just about to buy a 1993 Merc 190E 2.0L nice car few bit here and there on the body but generally a nice car with no rot! So got to view the car last night after...
  6. tromppost

    GRANADA 20L 7800 Miles

    Saw this and just loved it.. STUNNING 1972 Mk4 FORD CONSUL (MK1 GRANADA) 2.0L JUST 7,800 MILES FROM NEW | eBay
  7. T

    advice needed on turbo conversion idea on W203 C180 2.0L

    had a thought about doing a turbo conversion to my C180 which I have owned for the past 9 years. Since I was looking at p/x for a E320 cdi the value of my car isn't worth much via trade in. So I've decided to keep the old bus and still get a E class. I have done conversions before on Volkswagens...
  8. EndPoint

    How many w203 M111 2.0L Owners ?

    How many owners of C200K with M111 engine are we on this forum really ? :dk:
  9. Q

    How to set the timing on a '84 2.0l petrol?

    My '84 2.0 190E is just back from a service and the mechanic mentioned that setting the timing accurately is difficult as the fuel injection system (Bosch KE Jetronic?) is not self adjusting as in full electronic fuel injection systems and also can't be set using a strobe gun as in older...
  10. stwat

    1988 190 2.0l Auto. FSH Fantastic condition

    For sale- Mercedes W201 190 2.0l automatic. Registered in 1988 with 89K miles fsh (mainly Speeds Mercedes dealers in Chesterfield) . The car is a carb version, colour anthracite (which is stunning in the flesh. This car is solid all round in very good condition, used daily with very low milage...
  11. Q

    ECU for W124 or W201 2.0l petrol

    I have a engine control unit (ECU) for W124 or W201, part number 0065457732, made by Bosch. It came of a W124 2.0l petrol engine so I presume its limited to this engine but I'm open to correction. Its in Ireland but its a small enough thing to post to the UK or Europe. £50 plus postage at...
  12. H

    Wanted Mercedes Benz W201 190E 2.0l Manual

    Hi I'm 19 years old and am looking to buy my first car, I had hoped to take my Dad's 190E in perfect condition as my first car but sadly he gave it away. I've been driving for a year now in his E300D but because of an accident, which was not my fault the insurance company had decided to...
  13. A

    how good is 2.0L w124 diesel

    Hi , how good is 124 2.0L diesel> 1994-95 i'm thinking to buy one
  14. D

    M102 2.0L vs M111 2.0L?

    I was looking into getting another W124, the one i have been looking at has the M111 1998L 4V Engine in it. Is this a better engine to have in the W124?
  15. G

    C280 oil light -2.0L

    Hi, Driving today, the oil light came on for a minute with the detail "-2.0L" I have a c280 w202. Does this mean that the oil level has dropped below the normal level by 2L? Is this normal for a car that had a B service about 3 months ago using shell ultra, and has roughly done...
  16. stwat

    Volvo 440 auto to 190e 2.0L auto.......

    .......with amg(i think)body kit and handling kit :D My god!!!!!!!!!!!! What a differance :) Its like going from dark to light!! My god,,i aint ever driven such a nice, solid, well put together car. And i used to own a porker 944!!!!!!!! I can't believe what i've been missing all the...
  17. stwat

    190 2.0l timing chain??

    Hello folks, I've just bought a 190e 2.0l. Am i right in thinking that this engine has a timeing chain instead of a belt?? ifso at what milage does it need changing?? Thanks, Stu. :)
  18. S

    My 2.0L 190E Auto

    This is my car, it's a 1987 190E 2.oL Auto. I painted and fitted the cosworth body kit myself, also put a full leather interior from a cosworth in. Had the windows tinted (35%) and put some clear lenses on. The wheels are Toora rallys with 215/45x17 Avon ZZ3 tyres and springs are Eibach...
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