1. pstock

    Bluewater meet - May 20th 8pm

    Hope not to step on anyone's toes. Anybody up for a meet usual place.
  2. Audio Addict

    Silverstone 20th February

    Circuit days track day at Silverstone GP There's a white C63 here......is it someone from here? I'm in a black Megane R26 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Y8cel

    Pistonheads Sunday Service 20th March MB World

    There's a Sunday service next month at MB World it's not been announced yet so it's a heads up to get subscribed when it is.
  4. M

    International Modified car show 20th March stonham-barns

    International modified car show next month anyone going https://m.facebook.com/events/594304914055041
  5. Martyn1993

    Finest saloon of the 20th Century

    What are people's thoughts on the W123, would you agree with the above statement? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZu9rAdMkoM
  6. S

    Facelift W211 E Class - how to bring Audio from 20th century to 21st?

    I do not require anything special - just something that virtually any 21st century car "radio" has: the ability to use SD Card / UBS Stick loaded with mp3 files. Even 10 years ago (before the W211 facelift) most "radios" even the ones under 50 pounds had this feature .... not Mercedes. With...
  7. U

    players Show 9 north Weald 20th Sept

    its that time again Players 9 Players Show @ North Weald - Presented by Airlift Any interested in this one, i'll be there again this year. :thumb:
  8. P

    N. Hampshire Breakfast Run - Sunday 20th Oct 2013

    North Hampshire Breakfast Run - Sunday 20th October 2013 As promised a breakfast run for anyone who wants to come along :) We will meet at a location in Camberley, Surrey at 6.30am and depart at 6.45am sharp. The route will take us to some of the best driving roads in North Hampshire...
  9. Koolvin

    MSL & Eurocharged - 20th July

    Hi All, Looks like it will be a fantastic day at MSL on the 20th July. I have been asked to invite all others even if you are not part of the rolling road day. It would be good to meet new faces and see your gorgeous cars...... Especially if you want them on video ;) details here...
  10. ACID

    Eurocharged - The Return to UK 20th July Confirmed!!!

    Hi Guys, Jerry from Eurocharged is planning another visit to the UK (July) the last event was a success and many forum members couldn't make it or just wanted to wait for the second round. MSL has managed to secure extra special pricing on everything. The Plan is to also use a Dyno close...
  11. sjmaxwell

    Bluewater meet in April 20th 2013

    And to start where Rash left off in his 2013 meets thread, who's available for a Saturday evening meet from 8pm in Bluewater for a coffee, a chat and a glance at some fabulous cars! We have the following dates available;- 6th, 13th, 20th and the 27th Most popular date wins!
  12. E

    20th Gold...

  13. M

    Anyone in East Anglia wish to join an Informal Gathering THIS Saturday (20th)

    As some of you may know, I'm the organiser for the East Anglia region of PistonHeads.com. This Saturday one of friends is setting up a show at the Elvedon Estate near Thetford. The main theme is simply a gathering and social event, rather than a proper "full on show". It will run THIS...
  14. A

    Free Renault weekend World series Silverstone 20th - 21st August

    Hello I've been to this once and friends a few times, completely free for the entry and the activities in the park. Great for kids, train rides, racing cars, Get to see anything from Clios racing to F1 cars. Great day out (busy leaving in the car parks) ok not Mercs but car related and...
  15. KillerHERTZ

    New Super Mario Bros Wii Out 20th November

    This looks amazing IMO, before anyone says childish, old hat it will be more fun than 99% of modern games :p GpcJNEWKzCY Once its out, whos up for some MBClub multiplayer action?
  16. grober

    Another Voice of the 20th Century silenced.

    Another voice of the 20th century has died. Sir Charles Wheeler whose journalistic career spanned such historic events as the D day landings,the Hungarian uprising,the invasion of Tibet by China,the race riots of the sixties in America, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the anti Vietnam...
  17. BarryS

    More pics from MB World meet 20th April

    Hi All, More pics from MB world attached - well they will be when I can get the file size reduced. Stay tuned Great to meet everyone Barry
  18. BTB 500

    Pictures from M-B World GTG, 20th April 2008

    A few pics from today. Nice to meet everyone! MrMotul's E500 C43AMG's new S Class Television's R230 Wobbly's 500SL A particularly fine R129 ;) A particularly fine Vito Dualiner ;) Crammy69's 300CE Shadowninja's CLK55 E500 again SL55...
  19. Gollom

    Masterchef - episode Wednesday 20th Feb

    Anybody record this and could dump it to DVD for me? Damm series link on the TopUpTV thingie (DTI1600) did not work (got Bill Oddie instead :eek: ) Also missed last Thursdays 1 hour episode :mad:
  20. Brian WH

    CLS Flooded in Storm Friday 20th July

    A brief report to start off, more details and photos to follow. Basically going to a party at a Country House in the Brecon Hills on Friday. Set out at 13.30 and Sat-Nav started diverting me off the M42 and M5 on all the A roads alongside the motorways. It did me a turn except the A roads in...
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