1. W

    Four Mercedes E Class wheels (211 / 210) VGC with 2 good tyres

    Four original Mercedes wheels (16") for an E-Class. Originally for a 211, but definitely fit a 210. Will probably fit other models as well. All wheels in very good condition with hardly any blemishes. Only a couple of minor scratches. You will find it difficult to find a set of original...
  2. RossMB

    210 E55 AMG to 211?

    I have had my 210 E55 for over a year now and love it to bits but I'm really starting to feel the need for a 211. I'm sure some of you have made the transition, pros and cons? Would really like to stay with an estate... Picture of my current baby...
  3. M

    A little advice please E class 210 & 211

    Afternoon all Im looking for a replacement for my current 9-5 Aero and looking at the W210 or W211 in estate form. Now I only do around 6 or 7,000mls per year so naturally I am looking at petrols but they are so thin on the ground compared to diesels I wondered if I could consider one but my...
  4. R

    6 litre 210

    Mercedes-Benz E 420 BRABUS 6.0 V8 als Kombi in Tallinn
  5. D

    another w124 coupe with 210 or 208 kit

    mercedes 300 ce | eBay WHY!!!
  6. m2287

    208 210 202 genuine AMG speedo cluster

    Genuine 2001 CLK55 AMG speedo. Should fit in a 202 or 210 as far as I know but double check first please! £200 (these are £300 on eBay)
  7. michaelk3289

    rust on my 210 rear arches and elec mirror issue

    Hello all, you may have seen my other post about new car (new to me) it needs some money spending on it one of my main gripes with the car is a faulty electric wing mirror the passenger wing mirror will not adjust electronically, interesting it will fold in electronically so it must...
  8. michaelk3289

    I've just joined the 210 club

    Hello All. It's been been a while since I used the forum as I should. That's because I sold my s124 and ended up buying other temporary cars that were not Mercs I picked up a 99 e240 Avantgarde from a forum member last night, it's in with Wright tech in Sidcup have have a look over. It's...
  9. nb_racing

    w210 E55 supercharged on Speedhunters

    OMG... AMG? No, Much Better - Speedhunters
  10. H

    210 Part Out?

    Worth parting out? I was considering wheels for my E240 but those look a bit meh 1999 MERCEDES E240 CLASSIC AUTO BLACK | eBay
  11. ringway

    210 Saloon. £1495. Lovely.

    For the money, this is lovely. LINK.
  12. M

    Steering wheel dark gray leather/walnut for 124, 140, 129, 210, 202

    Originally from a W140 S600, and was fitted to my w124. It is a genuine MB item. It's dark gray, but doesn't look wildly out of place in leiu of the same wheel in black leather. Comes with matching gray airbag. It will need a contact ring which can be swapped over from your existing wheel. In...
  13. horatio

    Loud clunk, rear wheel 210

    I suddenly had a loud clunk from the rear drivers wheel area of my 210 estate. It now makes a pretty bad noise over potholes and divots in the road. I looked under the car expecting a rear spring to have broken but everything looks ok (although a bit worn and crusty looking). The springs look...
  14. andy27168

    210 E55,With what looks like old style recaros

    Just seen this on E-bay, looks like it might be a Designio colour too with what looks like old school Recaros, very cheap car for someone. Even for just the Recaros knowing the price they go for now. Mercedes E55 AMG | eBay
  15. M

    210 97 eclass body

    I have an 1997eclass I want to replace entire body with a 2001 210 eclass. Can i retrofit a 2001 eclass on 210 1997 chasms.
  16. poormansporsche

    F/S Brand New Genuine W202 129 210 170 Carbon Steering Wheel !

    Like it says, brand new never fitted. Final Facelift 1999/2000 W202 style Its BLUE !!! can get it professionally dyed black for an extra 50 quid or welcome to have a go yourself with a one of those dye kits on ebay for 30 quid. Will chuck in a black airbag Looking for £175 collected...
  17. T

    Folding W202/ 210 Mirror

    Folding mirror from the official Mercedes used parts centre in Germany (Mercedes-Benz Gebrauchtteile | Mercedes-Benz Gebrauchtteile) This is for the 210 and later 202's Part Number 202 810 0416 Motorised mirror complete with heating. PM me for photos, including MBGTC receipt. £25...
  18. d w124

    124 129 140 202 210 wood&leather steering wheel

    Brand new with airbag included The leather is dark grey but with a matching airbag it wouldn't look out of place,here a picture of one with the same color fitted to my 124 Price:£400 collected from SE23 London
  19. R

    210 e220 cdi

    srs light on how do I get it off Robert.
  20. B

    radio upgrade eclass 320 cdi [210] 2001year

    Hi to all out there I am thinking of upgrading my audio [audio 10 with 6 changer cd] would like a big screen cd/dvd usb maybe satnav has anyone got any Ideas or advise have been told I cannot get a double din unit for this model [it has got digital air con ] so maybe a flip out screen might do...
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