1. RickyBurrows

    Thoughts on the 211 star badge grill? Yes or no?

    So I've recently updated the front of my car I was never convinced on the star badge grill but after I colour coded it and the theme of the car being silver and black it looked better than I thought I'm not sure putting the original grill back on painted gloss black (no chrome on the car) would...
  2. RickyBurrows

    211 E class with 275 35 on the rear anyone doing it?

    So I've just recently put pirelli p zeros all round on my staggered 19's I have 245 35 19 up front and 275 35 19 on rear offset is 25 front and 30 rear me personally I want a 275 30 on rear it will put car level and it's to much tyre height on rear is anyone using either size aswell as your...
  3. merc85

    211 amg Front bumper conversion

    These are now available in the Uk, Just in case anyone is after a conversion. MERCEDES E CLASS W211 2002>2005 Front Bumper E55 AMG Style | eBay Just a note im not affiliated in anyway thought it may be of interest
  4. mickday

    E55 211 Spark Plugs (full set) ILFR6A

    I have a full new set of 16 spark plugs for E55 W211/S211 I bought these for my own S211 E55 but never got around to fitting them. these will probably also fit other 55K engines 16 x NGK ILFR6A 3588 £100 + delivery
  5. Baldbloke

    Brake pipe renewal. Front to back on 211. Advice please.

    It is a 2007 E class 320 cdi estate. The longest pipe is heavily corroded at the rear O/S and needs replaced. I have taken off the covers and see that it is only the last two feet of pipe that has any corrosion. The rest is as new but appears to be one piece from the flexi-hose at the rear...
  6. merc85

    211 E CLASS Front distronic grille

    As above finally decided i want to get rid of the Black distronic grille on brutus and replace with a Std distronic Chrome one. So if you have one to sell or want to swap please pm:thumb:
  7. Beardz

    E class 211 18's Mekbuda staggered alloys

    Hi I have for sale a set of OM Mercedes Mekbuda staggered alloy wheels. They are for the 211 E Class and are on almost new Falken Ziex 914 tyres Fronts are 245 40 R18 Rears are 265 35 R18 They do need a refurb and one wheel is peeling (see photos) otherwise they are great looking wheels...
  8. merc85

    w/s 211 e55k Seats? comfort?

    Please no one shoot me lol, Does anyone else on here find the Dynamic seats harder or less comfortable than the Napia Leather seats in a Normal Avantgarde 211 or is it me? Dont get me wrong they are ok, But i do find it hard to get a decent comfortable position on a longish journey, or am...
  9. W

    Four Mercedes E Class wheels (211 / 210) VGC with 2 good tyres

    Four original Mercedes wheels (16") for an E-Class. Originally for a 211, but definitely fit a 210. Will probably fit other models as well. All wheels in very good condition with hardly any blemishes. Only a couple of minor scratches. You will find it difficult to find a set of original...
  10. E

    '08 211 3.5 CGI - Which spark plugs?

    The last owner of my latest car had a 'B' service done in October, but saved a few pennies by omitting the spark plug and brake fluid changes. The only spark plugs I can find for the car are Bosch; does anyone's experience recommend using anything else?
  11. merc85

    Big Help Required :( 211 Airmatic Control arm

    Ok Peeps, Car is my 2002 w211 e55k What i thought would be a 45min job has turned into abit of a nightmare.:doh: The Upper ball joint on the front nearside of my e55k has completley worn out and its all apart of the arm not separate like the later ones. I read up previously on the job...
  12. RossMB

    210 E55 AMG to 211?

    I have had my 210 E55 for over a year now and love it to bits but I'm really starting to feel the need for a 211. I'm sure some of you have made the transition, pros and cons? Would really like to stay with an estate... Picture of my current baby...
  13. Baldbloke

    2007 211 E Class Estate door mirror indicator replacement

    Hi, I'm struggling to figure out how to replace a cracked indicator lamp set into the nearside door mirror. I am worried about forcing the glass out as it feels as if it will break, and all the youtube videos appear to cover other models with differing wing mirrors. Any ideas please...
  14. Baldbloke

    Broken spring on 211 E class estate

    A front spring broke while the car was sitting and had not been used for four days leaving the O/S wheel almost touching the inner wheel arch liner. 49,898 miles. Strangely a BMW 3 series of the wifes did exactly the same thing a couple of years ago. I wonder why they break while they are not...
  15. guydewdney

    e / cls 211 etc wood steering wheel.

    facelift (fits pre facelift too, as was on my car) steering wheel. good condition. soooooo much nicer to drive with one of these, just like my old w140 used to have. 200 quid. no offers. pic to follow.
  16. Londonscottish

    211 Estate - can't get tailgate to lock

    Evenin' all. There's something up with the tailgate of my 211 estate. Probably my fault. The tailgate is electric. I loaded it up earlier with carpet for a dump run and closed the (electric) tailgate over some very slightly protruding carpet. Didn't notice anything at the time bit now...
  17. ChrisEdu

    Workshop manual for a facelift 211

    Can anybody recommend a good, idiot's guide for doing things on the facelift 211? I feel that I really ought to be able to do things like changing oil and filters, if nothing else, but it'd be nice to know how to do other things, just incase.
  18. ChrisEdu

    Personal best mpg in my 211 320CDi

    Just as I was starting to think that I would never live to see the day that my V6 320CDi would do more than 33mpg, today I got a new pb of 36mpg by the end of my journey and a peak of 36.3mpg! Yes, I was driving quite conservatively, but I was going at the speed limit (honest officer) and...
  19. merc85

    Mercedes Avantgarde 211 front bumper 744 silver

    Pretty much as new condition as was resprayed professionally a few months back. Mercedes 211 ( Silver 744 ) front bumper e class | eBay £120 to forum members plus £30 postage, or free to collect, May be able to bring it to any meets that are on.
  20. flying banana

    211 in car media

    Hi Folks, I've just spent the day installing a home-brew in car media solution for my 09 S211 E320 CDI Sport. It includes a power take-off from the 12v power socket in the ashtray, a 4-way 2a per socket USB power supply hidden in the space between the glove box and the dash closure panel, 2...
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