1. M

    Mercedes 1993 220ce 70,000 miles.

    Here is the opportunity to own a very low millage well presented w124 coupe. Appreciating classic late model and last of the W124 chassis line. Low millage. Just 70,000!! This is the 4th w124 coupe i have owned and is everything i expect from this iconic era or Mercedes build quality and...
  2. S

    1994 C124 220CE with AMG bodykit

    A stunning example https://www.gumtree.com/p/mercedes-benz/mercedes-w124-coupe/1174036913
  3. D

    300ce vs 220ce

    Does anyone have any experience of both of these lumps? I had a 300ce for a short while last year. I found it quite juicy but then it wasn't in the best of condition and I can't remember what I was pooling around in beforehand so could all be relevant. But I wondered how the 220 compared in...
  4. M

    1994 220ce w124

    other ce got sold to fund an e30 convertible for summer (fell thorough) back in one again as of a few weeks ago NEW PROJECT!
  5. A

    Mercedes 220CE AMG body kit

  6. tommyboy40

    Ruby Red 1996 W124 220CE

    Hi All, let me introduce one of my W124's. A 1 owner car with 130,000 miles and a full history. I only bought it in September, mechanically sound but cosmetically poor. It's had: New rear screen and seals All new window seals New boot Trim Boot Seal Wing 1000 other stupid bits I Don't use...
  7. brens-e200

    repairing w124 220ce electric seat switch query

    hi all the upright button of the electric seat control switch is broken and needs replacing. I managed to source a switch but that has memory function which mine does not. The switches are good so i plan to de-solder one and repair my faulty one. I have manged to get the cover off but cant see...
  8. CreosoteChris

    '93 220CE Idle issue / Throttle Body Part Numbers

    ========================== Cross-post – apologies if I’m bending the rules here – but I’m not really sure that the previous location was entirely appropriate - asking EuroCarParts for advice on sourcing a TB from one of their competitors http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/2015220-post933.html...
  9. MBhowden

    My W124 220CE for sale

    Hi all, I have just put my 220CE up for sale in East Yorkshire. It looks great although needs a bit of attention, see faults noted on ebay listing. Today I noticed the engine hunting a bit so I'm going to do a plug change that will hopefully resolve this. Drop me a note if you would...
  10. MBhowden

    W124 220CE slow idle when coming to stop

    Hi all, I have been having a problem with idling, at any engine temp, when I come to a stop the revs drop to 600 to 700 and it stall on occasion. If I put the car in neutral the revs lift and it avoids the stall. I'm selling the car and a helpful prospective buyer located a connection on...
  11. H

    Mercedes 220ce 1993

    Has a 124 220ce rhd got an aircon filter?if so where? Hilton wolff south africa
  12. O

    C124 220CE Coupe 1993 £875 Cirencester

    1993 Mercedes Benz 220CE. Midnight blue, with cream leather trim. Genuine, unmessed/standard car, Great entry level future classic, Ideal to use and Improve looks to have been around Maidenhead area from new, first owners were a graphics company, both previous and current keepers listed on...
  13. dronnieboy

    220ce - Red Devil

    mercedes 124 ce coupe | eBay Looks pretty clean, what do we think about the colour?
  14. MBhowden

    Front indicator covers 220CE 1993

    I would like to replace the indicator covers with the original orange coloured ones if anyone has any in good nick, I'd be happy to swap for the clear ones I have currently. Rob
  15. MBhowden

    W124 220CE front indicator covers what colour

    My car is a 1993 220CE (pre '93 facelift) and I'm wondering if it has the original indicator covers. Does anyone know when they changed from orange to clear? My car must have been one of the last 220CE as they stopped making them in June '93 and mine was first registetred on 4th August...
  16. 300CE

    1995 MERCEDES 220CE COUPE PILLARLESS (looks nice but expensive?)

  17. 300CE

    Mercedes Benz Coupe (220CE)

    Not listed very well, so could go cheaply: Mercedes Benz Coupe on eBay (end time 17-Apr-11 21:05:48 BST)
  18. EDZ649

    W124 220CE Ex Lady Diana

    lady diana merc e220 on eBay (end time 30-May-10 10:28:21 BST)
  19. kurtdaley

    1994 220ce auto

    Hi, i am selling my 220ce due to buying an e class estate off a fellow forum member. The car is black over grey and comes with beige leather interior which is more or less spotless, just slight wear on drivers door bolster. Also has air con and all electrics work as well as the seat belt arms...
  20. kurtdaley

    My 220ce

    Bought this a few weeks ago and it is now on the road after having a few bits and pieces done to it, i've put centre and rear section exhaust on and new front discs and pads and it has just flew through its mot with flying colours. All I need to do now is give it a tcut and polish and I will try...
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