1. S

    W124 220e Reverse issue

    I have just aquired a 1994 220te Auto Lovely car 167k miles with an auto transmission. Put the car in drive , engages superb and pulls like a train. However put the cat in reverse, it goes in but without a positive thunk as you normally get. When you apply the throttle,its behaves like a...
  2. brens-e200

    New to me 220e Coupe questions

    hi all having given my new ( to me ) 1992 220E :bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana:the once over i have a few questions. 1. I went checking to see if the car would have the dreaded wiring loom issue but it turns out that its a normal spark plug config , so am I correct in saying that...
  3. P

    W1124 220E 1996 Cabriolet Not Starting

    My car would not start last week. I had done a 100 mile journey the previous day with no trouble. My local garage ( who serviced the car) cannot get it working. They have replaced various sensors, checked the fuel pump, ignition etc. They have had it running, switched off, could not restart...
  4. B

    W124 220e

    Hello everyone, I currently have an '87 W124 260e saloon and i have been offered a W124 220 station wagon. My concern is that the smaller engine is a little gutless. Has anyone had any experience of this model? Thanks Ben
  5. WDB124066

    1993 Mercedes-Benz 220E - low kms

    Mercedes-Benz 220 220E E220 LOW 33KMS 1993 | Trade Me
  6. A

    1993 w124 220e.

    I have a 220 E w124 with 35 k miles. When I drive it over extnded periods uphill etc at high revs and turn engine off, engine will not restart with key ignition. I have to let it cool down or roll start car in 2nd gear. Cannot figure out what problem is.
  7. S

    W124 220E Non-starter

    I've just picked up 1993 220E Saloon from eBay but in the last few days it's developed a non-starting problem. When I picked it up last week it started fine, I stopped for petrol after about 5 minutes and all was still okay and I drove it home 75 miles. The day after I drove about five...
  8. O

    W124 220E - Changes gears too quickly and won't kick-down

    Hi Guys, This is my first post in the forum. I have recently acquired a 1993 W124 220E. I got it from my father in law, it needs some work which I am starting to get to. There is a problem with the transmission, it pulls off perfectly but then proceeds to shift directly into 4th gear and...
  9. N

    W124 220e for sale.

    1993 K Reg Midnight blue with blue cloth interior. 63,000 miles.It has the original stereo with a 12 disc CD changer situated in the boot.It has the following options 221 Left Front Seat Elecrically Adjustable,222 Right Front Seat Electrically Adjustable,240 Outside temperature Indicator,420 4...
  10. EDZ649

    W124 220e with AMG kit

    The kit is worth more than the asking price on its own, buy the car, put some standard bumpers on then sell the kit = free car and some cash in your pocket!:D MERCEDES E230 AMG AUTO on eBay (end time 04-Mar-10 21:33:13 GMT) Edit: oops, sorry it's a 230e!
  11. N

    W124 220e.

    60,000 miles.Not working at the moment.
  12. Miguelxj

    W124 220E Engine Wiring Harness

    Hello, I'm looking for the engine wiring harness for my W124 220E. Mine is starting to fall apart and I'm trying to find one to replace. It doesnt matter if its damaged, I maybe able to repair it. Thanks for any feedback. Miguel R.
  13. Darrell

    Nice 220E

    On Auto trader web-site with the link to www.jarrettsmotorcompany.co.uk they have a blue 220E.Maybe worth a look.
  14. M

    W124-'95 220E Oil Filter? where?

    Er, this is embarrassing, I've looked above,below and around, and apart from a shallow inverted cannister between the power steering reservoir and the block at the front r/h side of the engine, i can't find anything ressembling a filter, as a new owner, can I ask the forum for some help.
  15. T

    220E ignition problem?

    Having sadly scrapped my 230E I have purchased a 1993 220E, which is a lovely car but has been fitted with a Thatcham immobiliser, which on my return journey from purchasing the car decided to immobilise itself and then 'not see' its transponder. After an embarassing time waving dongles about...
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