1. B

    4 x 225 55 r16 wintertyres. Avon Ice Touring ST. 99xl

    Ideal for W/S211. 6mm all round, no repairs or damage. Only used one season. £140 the lot. A no brainer at this price, , save the wear on your summer tyres, enjoy better tyre performance at under 7degrees c, and if the ice/ snow arrives, they'll keep you mobile, and may just save your...
  2. 9

    Best tyres 225 35 18 for e class convertible

    255 35 18 tyres which ones Also my front tyres are different think they are 235 40 18? This sound right
  3. W124ali

    225 45 17 in place of 235 45 17?

    Hi I am looking to buy a set of W210 alloy wheels. The alloys currently have 225 45 17 tyres fitted but from experience I know that these particular alloys originally came with 235 45 17 tyres fitted. My question is: is it ok to have 225 45 17 tyres fitted or must the 235 45 17 be fitted? I...
  4. B

    4 x Avon Touring Ice ST 225 55 r16 99h

    Winter tyres ideal for W/S211, I used them last year only (3 months use), bought new in March (drove down to Alps skiing). No longer needed, no punctures, repairs, or sidewall damage. £260 ono, collected from South Oxfordshire, or you pay courier charge.
  5. MOR8A

    Audi TT 225 S-line

    Just thought I would mention my friends has a 52 plate Audi TT 225 S-line for sale. Avus silver/grey with red leather. 110k on the clock. £3250.00 Any questions please ask. Many thanks.
  6. Merty

    What tyres are u driving on :for - 225 55 16

    What up guys. Wantwd your views on tyres which are out there which one has less noise(db) which ones much more comfy ride :) - been looking at prices too kwik fit are asking an average £124 i see lovetyres.com based in middlesex seems to be offerinf good prices but whats the catch anyone used...
  7. M

    225 40 18 tyres

    Time for a set of fronts for the w204. Any recommendations please?? Something decent under £90 per tyre would be what I'm looking for. Seen Goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric at Camskill for £83. Not sure how they perform on the merc though... Cheers in advance
  8. DanMorgan

    8 x Good Year Ultra Grip 8 225 55 16 95h winter tyres CHEAP

    8 x Good Year Ultra Grip 8 225 55 16 95h winter tyres: 4 are 6-7mm tread = £75 each 4 are new = £80 each RRP: £120~ EACH Will give discount for bulk buys etc, based in Cardiff, can drive to meet etc if close Dan 07415049382
  9. Merty

    Tyre Question 225 to 205

    Hello Guys, Just a quick one, I need to change my tyres at the front and i have 225 55 16 - 99 on them atm but a friend of mine has 205 55 16 -91 on them - would i be able to fit his ones one mine, would it take any effect ?
  10. C

    225 40 18 winter tyres on standard 18'' rear rims OK?

    As per the title. Before DM and other trolls ask if I have Google ect..... I have done a search and the same question has been raised on here and on Pistonheads with no definitive answer. I have hopefully finally got a good deal on x2 225 40 18 winter continentals (on eBay) and wanted to...
  11. maryo e270 cdi

    Wonted 16 55 225 tyres continental contact. 3

    Wonted 16" 55 225 4 good tyres? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  12. S

    Winter Tyres 225 55 R16 - What to go for performance rating or brand?

    Hi I normally would hesitate to put 2nd class brand tyres on such as Avon on my car. Howerver looking for Winter tyres on Winter - Snow - Cold Weather - Car/MPV Tyres - 16" R16" - 225/55/16, 225/55R16 I could not escape noticing that Avon are better rated then Michelins or Continentals: Avon...
  13. O

    225 tires on regular rim?

    Hi, I got the regular MB rim with 215/55/16 tires on them, could I fit 225/55/16 tires on them? Or it'll be too wide? Cheers :) Olivier
  14. N

    17" x 8J AMG 5509 5 spoke reps, with 225 45 17 tyres & locking nuts

    A set of four replica AMG style 5509 5 spoke alloys, 17 x 8J, ET35, PCD 112. The inside of the wheel & the insides of the spoke are in anthracite. Shod with two nearly new Accelera Alpha 225 45 ZR 17 91W & two legal but well used Prosport Profil 225 45 17 91V tyres. Included are 20 locking...
  15. 300CE

    Genuine mercedes brabus alloy wheels 225 45 17 amg

  16. B

    Tyres up sizing from 205 to 225

    Can any one tell me what difference up sizing my tyres from 205 55 r16 to 225 55 r16 would make to the ride or performance to a c class w203 mercedes, having spent thousands already , I don't want to spend more on new alloys. 205 55 16 is the original set up.
  17. J

    225 x 45 R17 - W124 E300 D

    Hi I have a W124 E300 Diesel which has just completed 250K miles and still going strong. This is my fourth W124 estate. I initiall had the standard steel wheel which I replaced with the standard 195/65 alloys. All good so far. I then bought some 225 x 45 R17 and was told that they would fit...
  18. S

    225 / 235 tyres

    Hi my 124 2.5 d running 225 / 45 / 17" what other size,s could i use? will 235 fit? car,s running with 40mm drop, just easy,er to get hold 235 parts worn,s thanks steve.
  19. X

    225 tyres on 8.5j rims

    a) Can I fit 225/40 tyres on my 8.5J x 18 rims (standard tyre 255/35).... Reason...I want to fit winter tyres on the rear of my CLK without having to purchase new rims...225/40/18 would then match the tyres on the front. b) Is this advisable?
  20. O

    need 2 tires 225 40 18 W

    Hello, I got a quote from farmer autocare for some durun tires at 65 pounds. Are they any good? 100 for the leading brand Avon. Any imput on the price ot the make needed here as I don't know. My tires are SADA at the moment. I had an alignment made last year by them, 2 wheels, and now my front...
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