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    SLK 172 230 AMG Caliper Cover Plates

    Hi Guys I changed the MRs front brake pads at the weekend and on both sides one pin snapped off on the black caliper plate cover. Can we buy these as Merc said you have to buy the whole caliper>? If not Ill make some.
  2. K

    clk 230 w208 electrical "event"

    Hi as above 1999 w208 cabrio ....wife driving back from shops and...no electric windows, no wipers, no lights etc etc. 5 minutes later another call saying all is ok again. Apperently when she pulled up at home, the triangle with exclamation mark (traction warning?) was lit. I got home and took...
  3. G

    slk 230 roof problems

    Good afternoon sorry if this is in the wrong place I have a 1997 SLK 230K AMG with a roof problem when I fist got the car the roof switch was disconnected after reconnecting it the roof opened no problem but would not close, I changed the pump as it was not running (tried a new really first)...
  4. B

    230 boot separator

    Brand new Sl 230 boot separator bought but not required ideally collection but courier can be arranged comes with fitting kit please tx for pics as iv got them on my phone. £150 retail almost £300 07766330630 regards
  5. J

    Yet again another problem! SLK 230

    As soon has one problem is fixed we now have another! O2 sensor was fixed 2 weeks ago, driving yesterday and engine management light yet again appears, tThe esp light has been on ever since new tyres were fitted 2 years ago, plugged in and now we have code P0500 and a P0700 and also the abs...
  6. B

    1999 clk 230 LHD headlights

    Hi all , i wonder if anyone has a pair of lhd headlights for my rhd clk 230 , i will be driving it down to Spain later this year and there it will stay , so need some headlights so it will pass the Spanish M.O.T . Thanks in advance Bruce
  7. B

    Clk 230 boot problem

    Hi all , newbie on here , so first post , hope someone might be able to help , the battery has gone flat on my 230 clk cabrio , and when i went to open the boot with the key i found that at some point the boot lock has been changed , so the key doesn't fit , so my question is , is there a charge...
  8. M

    clk 230 kompressor transmission problems and more

    Hi all It's been a long time since I've been on Mercedes forums. I went away from Mercedes I'm ashamed to say, I've had many classic Mercedes like 190E's old s classes etc. But just recently I purchased an old CLK230 kompressor convertible as a weekend toy. I bought the car knowing it had...
  9. M

    slk 230 98 model starting problem

    Hi all, all the warning light come on all sounds fine, and the engine electric fan comes on at full belt. the starter is dead when turning the key, the K40 relay, is there a starter circuit in there? also cannot hear the fuel pump, have wiggled the gearshift around as I thought it could be the...
  10. K

    OBD2 reader CLK 230 W208

    Hi I have, as far as I know, no problems but would like to have a basic OBD2 reader and reset tool for 1999 W208 with 38 pin socket under bonnet. Would I be able to use a 38 pin to 16 pin adapter cable and a cheap reader/reset tool - I could get both for about 20 quid? I have read other posts...
  11. S

    Mercedes CLK 230 Rare 6 speed Manual for Spares

    My beloved CLK died today:fail. The front suspension collapsed, due to rust. It has AMG stepped Alloys with 2 nearly new Dunlops on the rear. Lovely Black leather seats. Too many new parts to list. Avantgarde Spec.It must be of some use to someone. Runs like a Dream. Offers invited.
  12. A

    Mercedes 230 Engine failure (1975)

    Hello everyone! I have a question about an old Mercedes 230 (year 1975): I was using this car until december 2012, when I stop using it and immobiled it in a parking. Recently I wanted to move it, so I attempted to start it up. Initially the engine slowly tried to start up (sounded like it...
  13. M

    Alloys for 1982 230 CE

    Anybody has a set of original 6.0" alloys and tyres suitable for a 1982 CE. Will travel to collect. 07962 031507
  14. D

    kind sole can lend us ecu set ot car to test slk 230 r reg

    it is in limp mode and we tried everything accept ecu n compressor being 64k miles should not be compressor or any ideas to fix it too good to break with new mot help plsss dark blue metallic colour too it advertsed for sale as is for £1250
  15. D

    mercedes 230 slk R reg 64k with history new mot

    very good condition apart scratch on bumper driver side no cracks repairable. usual rust on front wings above bumper being dark does not show working roof going on limp mode when hot we swapped everything from clk 230 nothing seems to show what is wrong could be ecu or compressor...
  16. A

    W208 230 kompressor service help!

    Recently i have done a star diagnostic for my w208 230 kompressor. I request any expert who is willing to help me sorting these issues. I am newbie and my wrenching skills are not great .... Thanks in advance.
  17. I

    R170 SLK 230 start problem - start error 493

    Hi everyone, I've taken the plunge and bought a 2000 SLK 230. It had a gear box problem, so I bought a replacement box and had it fitted. The car run really well for a day and now seems stuck in reverse. As such it won't start, I assume because the car thinks it's in gear. The display show a...
  18. S

    W208 CLK 230 rear hub nut

    I started to strip my rear suspension to renew the tie bars and back plate when I discovered that I didn't have a socket to remove the nut holding the drive shaft to the rear hub.:fail I have a 32mm socket, too small. my 34mm was too big. It looks like a splined nut. Where can I buy the correct...
  19. bikesforme

    clk 230 kompressor fault lights on

    Hi to everyone, back on the forum having just brought or should i say swopped for a 2000 clk convertible 230 kompressor.love the car but when i picked the car up the abs/bas/esp/ets lights were on. The owner never said that but said its just had new front pads and discs, and he said it had no...
  20. M

    Back to MB with my CLK 230 convertible

    :cool:Delighted to be back driving a mercedes again, picked this up today, needs a little tidying to bring up to scratch, but generally tidy for it age. Any mod suggestions welcome.
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