1. A

    230clk w208 front window switch routing

    Can anyone provide me with a sketch of the cable routing of the front widow switches not complete wiring diagram 0f the w208 convertable
  2. E

    99 W208 230CLK dashboard issues

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and it's a question..... Has anyone seen this before? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g2BQOjTTXo Started the other day after the car was parked all day in a car park (In direct sunlight as there was nowhere shaded to park. the lights flash even with...
  3. GrahamS

    W208 230CLK Komp *Bargain*

    Hi guys after a couple of years with this great car I have inherited another German motor of similar age but with significantly less miles on the clock and one careful lady driver (my Mum, who only trusted it to BMW). The car has just passed its MOT and has TAX until Feb 13. It is Black with...
  4. B

    230clk electrical help needed please

    hello all, im a newbie and this is my first post.. :rock: i bought my wifes 230clk convertible in december, its a 2001 model (auto) over the past few days, ive noticed a some gremlins that are very worrying :mad: 1. start the car.. all is good until i put side lights on, message on dash...
  5. W

    W208 230clk 1997

    Can anyone tell me where i can purchase a reliable diagnostic tester that will fit my car and show faults and clear codes please, and the location of the diagnostic plug thank you. Steve
  6. W

    W208 230clk 1997

    Can anyone point me in the direction of affordable parts for my car in hopefully the Glasgow area will be servicing both engine and gearbox oils etc soon and would appreciate a parts quote local thank you.I am a time served mechanic and will carry out the work myself and do not mind using after...
  7. M

    1999 w208 230clk tuning?

    hi guys is there any tuning that can be done to the above car to liberate a few more horses cheers?
  8. M

    new w208 230clk owner

    hello guys , new to forum and mercedes after owning saabs for years , my new merc is 1999 and the wheels arches are going rust wise and rear boot lock , and lower front bonnet as well as stone chips that previous owner never took care off and little bits at edges of door bottoms and bonnet...
  9. flango

    W208 230CLK Kompressor failure

    Hi All does anyone happen to know the Supercharger part number for a W208 230clk Kompressor, i've been offered two second hand units which both sellers swear came of W208 230 CLK's both 1999 yet they have different part numbers first one is 111 0900 380 second one is 111 0981 137 my local...
  10. N

    Selling my 230CLK Convertible

    Folks, I am looking to sell my 230CLK cabbie - its in excellent nick with full SH last 2 from indie specialist. Its a avantvgarde so no need to explain all the bits that it has as you prolly already know, i have retro fitted a command, but havent finished the final 2 bits off - 1 x connecing...
  11. S

    Newbie - 230CLK '99

    Hi all Bought a 99 230CLK yesterday -unfort didnt come with an owners manual, can anyone suggest where I can get one online to check out the toys I have in the car? Going to local dealers in B'ham next week to see if I can get one from them.. Any hints/tips/webs to read would be greatly...
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