1. K

    1984 230E 112K...£16000 "cherished"

    https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C888190 To quote PM Dawn (deceased), "Reality used to be a friend of mine".
  2. A

    W123 230e Auto Instrumental Cluster part number

    Hi there, Does anyone know what the part number for an Instrumental cluster on a w123 230e Auto (mine is a 1985)? Mine was changed by a previews owner with one with a part number 123 542 2057. While driving it the speedo is showing speeds 10% faster then it is really doing? Any help will be...
  3. D

    Oil from oil filler W124 230e estate.

    Hi I went to view a 230e 1992 estate yesterday and need some advice please. The car itself is ok for its age runs well no nasty noises,but, when I took the oil filler cap off when the engine was running, oil gushed out of the top and over the engine and myself. I've never seen this before? Car...
  4. M

    230E on 3 cylinders

    After checking oil, fuel (decent stuff) etc, set off in my 1987 230E which had occasionally been misfiring under load, but now seemed good. after a good run of 200 miles with no problems, the missing under load returned occasionally, but otherwise 90+ cruising in a fully loaded car was fine with...
  5. D

    W123 M102 230E 1985 Fuel Pump Issue

    Hello Hoping this forum will help throw some light on a frustrating issue I have with a ‘barn find’ W123 M102 which is refusing to pump fuel. The car incidentally has been sitting for a few years, however it does crank with compression and every indication would suggest it should run with a...
  6. J

    w123 230e hoses

    Does anyone know where I can get the hose in the picture? The one with a red arrow pointed towards it?
  7. M

    new w123 230e owner

    hey there my names matt, i have recently brought a w123 after wanting one for years ! i found one in leeds that needed some work and now im on my way to restoring it :]. while im not a mechanic im happy to do most of the work myself and learn along the way, i had the car re sprayed about 3...
  8. C

    W124 '92 230E - Starts then stalls

    My son just bought an old W124 (230e) saloon with several faults, and I am trying to help him to get this car back on the road (I have had several W210's, a couple of W126's and currently I am the proud (?) owner of a W163, but I never touched a W124 before now...) First of all, there was the...
  9. M

    1987 230E alarm problem

    Car alarm just started going off. despite not operating for over 1 year. Battery was low, but when charged continued to go off even when engine started (obviously no immobiliser), disconnected siren, engine runs but i can hear a relay ticking behind the dash on the drivers right side. No...
  10. J

    How to open a OVP socket 89 w124 230e?

    Mercedes list the OVP Socket minus pins and also list the pins minus the socket so you must be able to split it open How do you get inside the plug? My OVP Issues are back again and playing with the wires eventually tends to solve it I am guessing dry solder joint on socket or female...
  11. M

    Lovely W124 230E

    This looks to be a super example of a 230E. Low mileage, not a huge amount of toys, but Sportline chassis and check cloth trim look great. For sale Mercedes W124 230E Darren
  12. K

    W124 230E silver 1990 facelift for parts

    Whole car available with LPG conversion too good to scrap but unused for several years.
  13. M

    Power Window switches for 1980 W123 230E

    Thought I'd start a new thread for this one.. apologies for all the questions! Can someone please tell me what would on been the factory supplied power window switches on a 1980 W123 230E (or as close as)? Mine have been retro fitted and at the moment are definitely not the correct...
  14. Screwdriver

    Absolutely stunning W123 230E - 15K miles!!

    280E W123 series. 14983 miles only. For Sale (1979) on Car And Classic UK [C645963] This one belongs to a MB lover!
  15. M

    W124 230E vents

    Hi People, I am mark from South Wales, 6 months into ownership of a 90K, 1987 230E, which is proving great. the only problem I have is that even when set to minimum, I only get warm / hot air from the cabin vents (no aircon fitted) anyone know what is wrong?, correct coolant levels, and the car...
  16. WDB124066

    1985 230e

    It's almost worth the asking price just for the effort put into the description alone - wonder where he stole it from...?? Mercedes-Benz 230E Tidy Old Gem 1985 | Trade Me
  17. J

    cylinder head on w124 230E 1992

    Hi I am new to the forum I am in process of removing the cylinder head due to gasket blown on 230E 4 cylinder petrol. I would like the workshop manual if anybody have it . I have tried the link from the forum but that is American model starts from 6 cylinders. You help much appreciated.
  18. K

    w123 230E 1983 with interesting spec

    Mercedes-Benz W123 230E Saloon - 76k, Blue MB Tex, Silver | eBay Attractive number, eh? 5 speed, ac and mb tex with manual windows is a desirable spec, IMO. Advertised on carandclassic for £2500, it's already made more than that here. Pity about the chrome arches...
  19. D

    w124 230e 1988 22,500 miles one family

  20. L

    1992 230e saloon boot trim RHD nearside

    Hello, Bit new to this so please be gentle with me. I am trying to gain access to the aerial as it needs replacing - there is a Bosch aerial fitted at present and I want to revert to the electric hirschman unit. I know that I need to remove the trim but can only see one fastener. Don't...
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