1. Spartan535

    W208 - 320 v 230k

    I used to have a CLK 320 and feel the need for another one. Anyone any views as to which from a "performance" view is better - from both engine and chassis. I know the 320 only has limited scope for additional work both on tuning and it's a heavy lump, but what about the 230k?
  2. S

    Slow Acceleration on CLK 230k (w208)

    Hello,i bought a clk some months ago ,an '02 CLK 230k Everything works fine,except in some days (maybe 1 times per week or 2 max ) I wake up and go to work in the mornings as usual,i start the car,it starts normally,no unusual cranks etc but when it comes to acceleration,its very very slow,i...
  3. dotmikes

    clk w208 230k overheating

    Hi, My car has a overheating issue, the A/C doesn't seem that cold and the fan on the radiator does not come at all. The only way to keep it steady is to have the heater on full. I have replaced the thermostat and still no joy. I have checked all fuses and they are working fine. Any...
  4. dotmikes

    Clk 230k w208 speedo fault

    Hi I have a fault with my instrument cluster. everything works fine apart from the lights (behind the speedo)that illuminate when the switch is turnt on. i have checked all fuses... under bonnet.. drivers side and the boot and they are working/not blown. intotal there are 4 bulbs...
  5. S

    R170 230k

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a performance air filter that can fit onto a 2000 (X) 230K? I am thinking more of a cone type, nice looking one rather than a replacement flat element type. Thanks guys, Smokey Fontaine.
  6. dotmikes

    EXHUASTCLK W208 55AMG to CLK W208 230K

    Hi all, isit possible to fit W208 CLK 55AMG muffler to a W208 CLK 230K Advantgarde? thank you.
  7. C

    CLK 230K Avantgarde AMG

    IMG_1326 by Chris Charilaou, on Flickr IMG_1312 by Chris Charilaou, on Flickr Excellent car has never let me down, selling only due to not using it as i bought a van for business. Only 91,000 miles with service history. Next service due in 9000 miles (recently had a full one) AMG...
  8. dotmikes

    How to: Clk w208 230k bose install ?

    hi there, isit possible to install the bose system into my clk 230k 2001 ? if so... what do i need to change or do ? Thanks, Mike
  9. W

    W208 CLK 230K H&R too low ride. Help Please!!!

    Hi Guys, I have a very strange problem with my car. I ordered H&R Springs from Germany with 40mm drop all around specifically for W208 230K Coupe. The car literally became extremely low and front tires will hit fender and inner lining and the exhaust hits speed bumps. Its not drivable. Rear...
  10. C

    Possible selling me CLK 230K Avantgarde W208

    Hi guys, Just bought a van so may sell this not sure yet. CLK Coupe W208 Blue/Purple colour Just ticked over to 90,000 miles. History with loads of old MOT's and receipts from previous yearly services. Just fully serviced 100 miles ago. New rocker cover gasket 2001 51 plate...
  11. P

    201 w208 CLK 230K Can't open boot - battery flat!

    Hi all My CLK has a flat battery after being stood still for a few weeks. I can open the driver's door with the metal key insert OK by turning, but I cannot open the boot with the same key. I have tried pushing it in but it doesn't do anything. Is it supposed to be able to turn in the boot...
  12. R

    Help : A208 clk 230k - BAS ESP Light Fault

    I've got a warning light on the dashboard, BAS ESP , I have that it diagnosed, many faults were voltage faults but we're cleared but the light came back on, took it back and had two main faults , I have uploaded a picture of the fault codes. Has anyone else had a similar problem or any...
  13. U

    w220 s320 cdi & r170 230k - same engine oil use?

    Hi all, I'm looking to confirm, or rule out choices in oil and would appreciate any input. I'm looking for an oil than can be used in both my s320 2001 cdi and the wife's slk 230k 1998. Both are high mileage, 150k and 160k miles respectively. Checked both handbooks and the s says 229.1 or...
  14. O

    2001CLK 230K wheel colour

    Hi all, I don't seem to be having much luck with the search facility. Does anyone know what colour or paint code the wheels are on the 2001 CLK 230K? Cheers.
  15. W

    How good is the clk 230k?

    I just test drive a clk 230k vert and to be honest was very disappointed. Are they meant to perform well? This one I had tested felt there was no go and also a delay when you put the throttle down. Also when to test drive a 320 and the car was a lot more responsive and smooth Any advice would...
  16. W

    Clk 230k or 320 which ones the better car?!

    Hi guys Well Am going to view 2 CLK's tomorrow both similar mileage (70k) and both has fsh. Both cars are auto and spec wise fully loaded, although the 320 has the amg alloys that am wanting. Just wondering which will be the better out of the 2 Thanks
  17. W

    Please help... Am looking for either a 230k or a 320

    Hi guys I have spent nearly all my time looking on eBay, auto trader etc trying to find either a 230k or a 320. My budget is around £2k I know this is not much but it's going just be a second car in the family. Ideally I love to have a convetible. I would like either a black or silver but must...
  18. B

    Wanted: Nearside Front Wing 2001 CLK 230K

    Colour code: 744 (Silver) No side repeater holes If you have one please message me Thanks in advance
  19. K

    w202 230k Engine issue

    hi guys recently when I have been flooring it from stationary the car revs very nicely in 1st gear and keeps on going, but when i let go of the throttle the car stays in high rev for a second and then suddenly a heavy "pop" and it goes into second it feels like a similar jolt as to when we...
  20. G

    CLK 230K, W208 2002 Engine Check Light

    Hi all, im new to the site and to Mercedes, i have a CLK 230K Cabrio which has a strange problem the engine check light keeps coming on, with an error code of P0101 Mass or Volume Air Flow A Circuit Range / Performance. i checked the MAF and noticed it was a cheapy ebay one, so i have replaced...
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