1. M

    2002 230slk

    Hi Guys, I have just been offered more for my 2006 MX5 than when I bought it 10 months ago against a 2002 230slk auto with 65k on the clock it looks very tempting, but not having owned a M/B before I was wondering are there any problem area's I should be looking out for ie the dreaded tin worn...
  2. J

    1999 230SLK for £19,995

    I'm not sure how you'd value it...........I know I wouldn't pay it. What do you think? Used MERCEDES SLK 230 KOMPRESSOR CONVERTIBLE AUTO, ALUMINIUM/SILVER, 2.3, Convertible | Phillip Welch Regards all John
  3. R

    230slk indicators don't flash

    hi all,my 230 slk indicators don'tflash,bulbs are ok.same with hazzard lights they stay on but don't flash.any one know where indicator relay is?or any otherideas what may bewrong.thanks
  4. R

    230slk alarm disable

    hi everyone,sometimes the alarm goes off,for no reason {while car is locked}.anyway i have the black touch key which turns the alarm off only,but i cant find where it goes!!handbook says its in the glovebox but i cant see it there,any help anyone,thanks
  5. SLK230UK99

    Quick sprint - 230slk v 430clk

    I was coming off the m25 on the Watford junction which is a long sweeping right hander probably about 1/2 to 3/4 mile length. Clk was right behind me as I exited m25 and we punched it down the clear slip road...I was beginning to lose him down the straight but he disappeared altogether when we...
  6. Flip

    1999 230slk

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