1. K

    W124 230TE ignition coil help needed

    Need some help as I replaced the coil on my W124 230 TE year 1986 but did not mark all the wires. Is there someone who has a similar coil that can check where these connect or else send me a photo of their coil? Thanks all.
  2. K

    W123 230TE: £23k "7159" miles

    https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C867325 C666NAN is registered as a beige 200T on the MoT history site and having covered c126k at October 2016 : https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history What's going on with the diabolical grandmother?
  3. WDB124066


    This is going to make somebody quite happy I'd imagine... Mercedes-Benz Other 230TE "OUT-OF-THE-BOX" 1985 | Trade Me
  4. T

    W124 230TE suffering from fuel starvation?

    Hi, Having problems with my trusty old 230TE (1991), drives fine for the first 5 minutes or so then lacks power, doesn't want to build up speed no matter how much the accelerator is pressed (max speed - 10mph). I've contacted a few independent Merc specialists but they are not willing to...
  5. jaymanek

    My W123 230TE

    The W123 series was my first exposure to Mercedes. We have had one all throughout my upbringing. I had a 280CE coupe until a few years back.. Lord knows what possessed me to sell it... Space was the reason at the time I recall, but I really miss it. It was a lovely 59K mile example... I...
  6. S

    W123 230te

    Hi all. First post here! I currently drive a 280ce but am looking to change to a more practical 230TE due to having a baby. I've test driven one but was a bit suprised about how bouncy the ride was compared to the CE. Also, the front seats were much less comfortable. Is this due to worn shocks...
  7. R

    1988 230TE bang when putting in reverse

    Well I've jumped in and bought my first w124... When I put it into reverse theres a resounding thud.... once its warmed up it doesn't do it? Its very low on service history so I don't have much last info to go on. I'd appreciate any thoughts for a w124 new owner Thanks Rich
  8. H

    W124 NSR Window Regulator (230te)

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a cheap W124 NSR Window Regulator (230te) cheers Matt
  9. U

    W123 300TD or 230TE wanted

    Hi, I'm looking to buy either a W123 300TD or alternatively a W123 TE. I'm looking for a good useable car, a daily driver. If anyone has a car or knows of one for sale could you please let me know. Many thanks Graham
  10. gunning

    1989 230te 1 owner fmbsh!

    Guys this is up for sale and it's honestly a beauty! 1989 with original Cornish reg 1 Lady owner from new Garaged from new so no rust at all Clean underneath as it is on top. Electric seats Unmarked interior 116,000 miles with full MB service history. Carpets are like new! I've got a...
  11. B

    Mercedes W124 230te Estate- Breaking

    As above, sadly now breaking my cherished red Mercedes W124 230te estate. All parts available. Based in Lancashire. Don't think I can PM as a newbie, so email me or post a message and I'll reply. Many thanks
  12. T

    W124 230te 1992

    It's time to offer for sale my 1992 W124 230te. I've had it since 2010 where I saw it for sale at a classic car show. It's a lovely car in signal red with black cloth interior. It's been off the road and sitting on my driveway since April of last year as a 300te with low miles came up and I...
  13. J532KTT

    Air Filter 230TE 124

    Good evening, I've been looking around online and can't seem to find an air filter for a 92 model 230TE. They all seem to cut off around 1988. I'm guessing that this is because of the change over from carburettor to injection. Can anyone tell me where I need to look? Thanks.
  14. J532KTT

    124 230TE gearbox woes

    Evening guys. My 230 has started making a rattling sound when pulling away from standing, and when revving the engine in neutral. It's a knocking that gets louder with revs at standing and a brief sound when pulling away. If the gearbox is locked in 1st it doesn't happen but when it goes off...
  15. gunning

    W124 230te 1 owner from new for sale

    Hi, due to a change in circumstances and there being no point at all in keeping the old girl I'm putting it up for sale. There is a thread on here with loads if info. 116,000 miles with full Mercedes Benz of Truro SH. Which is where it was supplied from back in 1989 to its one and only lady...
  16. grahamperrin

    Hove calling! W124! Over …

    My driving history in a nutshell – my memory of the details is fuzzy (I'm not sure about the order of things, or dates) but here goes … randomly, a 1965 Hillman Super Minx saloon caught my eye not long after I moved to Brighton … before that I had no plan to become a driver, but I fell in...
  17. J532KTT

    230TE W124 Cooling Fan

    Hi guys, New account, old poster. My 230 gets hot in traffic and the fan seems to have stopped working. Is there any way I can test it? Thanks. Stuart.
  18. H

    s123 230te A, abs issue

    Hey all, Hese from Finland writing here. I have this awesome car, s123 230te automatic, air conditioner,electronic windows, sunroof,7 seats,abs and 3x horns to make way around corolla guys. But now the issue im having, abs light comes on whit ignition, turns off when motor is running...
  19. jamesfuller

    Someone crashed into the 230TE!

    This morning, swmbo was driving through Clapham on her way to work (headlights on and sensible speed) and a Suzuki Swift pulled out from a driveway/small road straight into the side of the 230TE. The damage is both n/s doors and claddings, a bent in wheel arch and a scratched rear wheel...
  20. H

    Rust on front wheel arch w124 230te (91 plate)

    Hi, I have a little bit of rust on the front wheel arch of my W124 Estate that is getting progressively worse. If the car keeps going I may get a replacement panel next year but in the meantime I'm looking for a quick and cheap fix to tidy it up and make it last a little longer. I was...
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